Self-denfense options for healthcare facilities

Certain healthcare facilities in the major metro area near me does not allow weapons because they have armed security and police officers. The smaller rural areas such as where I live allows concealed but not open. Even the clinic my physician assistant is in I carry.

In situations where no weapons of any kind are allowed you have a few options you can have something very small and discreet that no one would notice anyway Or know was a weapon such as a kubaton and risk the legal consequences
Another option is simply being vigilant as we always should be anyway sitting near exits or having your phone nearby this is also a good example of when unarmed self-defense training is also good the problem with this option is that so very often you have all these what I call Mcdojos out there that have no business teaching self-defense they talk up a good game and have these somewhat impressive looking pieces of paper on the wall that really mean nothing the problem is the normal everyday person doesn’t know the difference but it’d be the same as a completely new shooter running a shooting certification course

Have 1 highly trained employee to be on duty 24/7. They should also be doing ongoing education in other areas of the field because obviously they would not be using their specific training all the time.