Second Amendment Security yard sign

What, the gun is not in condition 1! LOL :smiley:

Nice looking sign. I prefer not to ‘advertise’ myself, but that is just me.


Yep. What he said.


Only us…:rofl::rofl:

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You guys crack me up! You’re right, the gun is not in condition 1 - but non-gun people might either not know that or they wouldn’t know that condition 1 is the safe way to carry it.

I would not post that on my lawn or in my window. It might be in a gun safe or on a gun safe in my house, but I don’t need a prosecuting attorney turning that into an issue if I ever have to defend myself. I pick and choose my public battles and this one doesn’t help me. It advertises that I might have guns - which is both pro and con. I’d rather have the element of surprise and have good conversations with others about firearms.


@Dawn said it, I don’t want that to be brought to court and, I look like the first thing I do is shoot.

I also agree with everyone else… I don’t want to advertise myself as having weapons. This tends to draw burglars. Even though as crazy as it sounds, someone who is geeked up on some form of a drug might risk themselves trying to steal some of your guns.


I don’t need the 2A sign. when my car is in my driveway it tells people that property is protected by 2A. And I’ve had people that come to my door ask me about the bumper stickers. And also what they are for and mean. And we talk about them and what they mean. And what the ANTI-GUN PEOPLE/GROUPS want to do to take our rights away.

![CarStickersJeff|666x500](upload://kWRQhfGyQfKZ thSeSjN3GrqaCy7Uj.jpeg)

I’ll pass, don’t want to advertise to those looking for stuff to steal.

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Nice sign, but I’ll pass for the same reason I don’t open carry. No need or desire to advertise I’m armed until/unless I need to use it. To each his own.

No sign for this household. If someone decides to come in, I pray that they leave before I have to enter into the fray. We have three dachshunds that are known squirrel and bird killers who like fresh meat and blood, and a boxer that only knows that this is “mom and dad’s house”, and she will defend her “nest”. If someone gets in, and gets through the ankle biters, and all the noise that they make, no other warnings are really required (at least in my opinion).

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Sounds like a bad idea considering the sensitivity of most liberals. Might give them a reason to “Red Flag” you. Also, no reason to tell the criminal element where they might find a firearm or two.

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