SD knives! What’s your favorite?

So another thread gave me the idea for this one. Do you have a favorite self defense knife you carry the most?

I have several of them and I’m always attracted to a new :heart: but I seem to keep gravitating back to this one.

This assisted opening Kershaw has lived in my pocket for decades now. It looks barely worn because SD knives do not get used for daily crap chores like opening boxes etc. I carry other blades for that. SD knives get honed to surgical edges and they are only to come out if needed for ONE job.

This one is thin, unobtrusive, attracts no one’s attention and it is scary scalpel sharp. It’s been to 4 continents with me with zero eyebrows raised by anyone.

When my daughter was attending college she was not allowed to carry a firearm for SD so she had one identical to this one in her hand or clipped to her jeans pocket ready to deploy everywhere she walked in school. I had one of my friends give her basic training in its use. No one ever noticed it even when it was in her hand. It almost became a game to her.

But if some dude ever decided to get to close they would have needed about 1,000 stitches when she was done with them, IF they made it.

So what’cha got?!?!?


(File picture from S&W’s site)
Mine is a S&W Officers Fixed Blade.
I don’t have a pic @ the moment of my (26) Year old CRKT (Fixed) also
It’s in a picture on this forum me in Uniform but I don’t know where that is here?
These two knives serve me well, Last a Lifetime, Feel real good in my hand
Sharp as Blazes!


NICE! a big fan of fixed blade knives too! :+1:t2::+1:t2::+1:t2:


Picked up several at Wallyworld for $38.00 and tax. CRKT wanted $89.00. :fireworks: WINNER



  • Overall Length: 8.88"
  • Blade Length: 3.96"
  • Blade Thickness: 0.15"
  • Blade Material: 8Cr13MoV
  • Hardness: 58-60 RC
  • Blade Style: Drop Point

Sweet deal!!!


Smith and Wesson Walmart special….

Fits my hand well, serves its purpose of utility tool at work.

For me the big selling point is the clip rides the whole knife entirely in my pocket. Low profile, totally concealed, and doesn’t catch on anything. (Seatbelt)


Unfortunately, my options are limited due to what I think are unfair local laws, please hold your laughter:

Full Tang with Red Wood Handle. Kinda lower budget, but I like the guard protecting the fingers.

In my second photo, is the actual sheath I use with the JXE JXO knife. I combo it with this leather sheath I found but came with a different knife I hardly ever use - the sheath fits though.

Got me thinking about knife shows: I never thought I’d be interested, but pondering, an ideal one is hard to find, I might just go check it out.


So an interesting point to ponder. SD knives don’t need to be uber-expensive and made of ultra crazy rare steels that only come out of forging with unicorn fats gasses.

They only need to be able to carry well deploy easily and take on a wicked edge. They are never going to be used to skin a buffalo or quarter an elk. You’ll never have to build a shelter with one.

All they need to do is inflict some swift nasty gashes in soft parts of an attacker body and cut deep/long enough without hanging up that they will create massive blood loss. That’s IT!!!

Now, that does not mean that expensive knives are not nice or not worth what they charge for them. Just that every budget can be well protected by a good blade and You can be the final judge of what that is and budget.

There are no bad choices here :+1:t2::+1:t2::+1:t2:


Every day I can :heart::heart::heart:


I have one that looks just like that one and it is also a Kershaw. My EDCs are a ZT 4.1” finger flipper with Titanium grips, left front pocket and a CRKT 2.5” thumb flipper right front pocket. Both are clipped to the top of the pockets.

I always keep them honed, but I do use them for opening boxes and trimming threads, etc… Dull knives are worthless. My daughter works at a restaurant and when she was home recently, commented on how sharp my Chef’s knife was. I actually thought it needed honing at that point when I used it to mince some garlic.


Yeah, my edc knife is used constantly and I hone it at least once a week!

Now, my kitchen cutlery,…. That I keep razor sharp!

Most cutlery injuries actually result from dull blades needing too much and uncontrollable force.


I agree!

My next door neighbor was hunting with me on my property and he asked if he could use my knife for field dressing a deer. I said sure! Next day he told one of our friends he’s never use one of my knives again because it was scary!!! :rofl:

On a serious note a dull knife is dangerous and an accident waiting to happen. When I put an edge to anything it should go through like I’m slicing butter or off to the bench it goes.


A 2024-03-09 21-27-31

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$12 :slightly_smiling_face:
Does the job well. If it will be taken from me as the evidence… I won’t cry… :laughing:


A Spyderco Delicta is probably the closest I have to and EDC SD knife.
It a folder because I’m in CA and the blade is just under Los Angeles’ maximum legal length.
Or it was the last time I looked.


For you guys that only carry one knife, this is just a suggestion. I always carry at least two knives, because as an old wise saying goes, If an item is essential to the mission two is one and one is none. :grin:

I just dug this out for the picture from the top drawer of my night stand. From 2” to 5” depending on what I’m wearing or doing one of these is my “left pocket”” knife.

These get used for opening boxes, cutting an apple, cutting chord, or cutting a steak (why don’t steak restaurants have good sharp knives?!?!?!? :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:)

All of them are kept SHARP!


Kershaw Speed Safe
I look at it and cut myself! :wink:


:rofl: good man :+1:t2:


Hey… nobody asked how many… :sweat_smile:

A 2024-03-09 21-47-36



It’s Ok, multiples are good!!!


I would probably find two more in my car. :wink:
Knives are easier to be lost or forgotten than handgun… so I like to have a multiple backups.