What's your EDC knife?


What’s everyones favorite knife they carry everyday? I have a Kershaw Launch 1 switchblade that I carry everyday. If I’m in the woods I have a fixed blade that I made.

I also am looking at getting a Protech Brend eventually, but its 200 some odd dollars, and I want to get an AR15 before another knife. Does anyone carry a Protech? I’d like to know your opinion on them.


I carry a Benchmade Mini - Griptilian.


That’s a nice knife!


After 911 I lost(hid on streets, gave them up, etc) too many knives due to paranoid government offices. I worked for local government and frequented other government sites. I stopped carrying them. But I’m thinking about getting a new knife now that the paranoia seems to be subsiding.


Well if your state allows it, I would look into an auto pocket knife.


I carry a Microtech automatic knife and a CRKT Neck knife.

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Yeah, I like it and it serves my needs. There are cities and towns here with ordinances limiting blade length, my city being one of them, so I didn’t want to push my luck and got the Mini. Oddly enough, I can carry a firearm concealed, but I’m limited to 2 1/2 inches in blade length. I don’t even know if they make such a knife!


Is the microtech an otf?


There are some autos with CA blade limits. Idk if where you’re at allows them ir not. I personally think autos are safer to open than other knives, and more useful because you can do it easily with one hand.

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Michigan just changed the law regarding automatic knives, as long as it only has one sharpened edge. I don’t understand that one. It’s kind of funny, local jurisdictions have their own restrictions about length. There isn’t a statewide standard.


Reading the MA law is like reading their gun laws; you finish mentally drained wondering what the hell you just read. Double edged, dirk, dagger, automatic blah blah blah.


Wisconsin is the same way with old terminology; dirks, daggers, slap jacks, billy club… What are we getting into a street rumble in the Bowery in NYC in the 1860s?

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SOG Trident Elite and Leatherman Juice S2.
The SOG I Never, ever, ever leave home without it. For that matter- I wear it to bed too.
I even carried it in on a 10 day trip through Shanghai China. Went in my checked baggage next to my shaving gear.

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I carry a Coast folder and a SOG Seal Pup. Gotta love Tennessee, we can have switchblades and butterflies on our person and no blade length restriction.


Wisconsin is nice for knife laws too!


I’m at the Range today and look to purchase a new knife :slight_smile: There are so many choices!


@Dawn you’re at the range? Well then, :wave: 'llo! This is me waving from my side of the road! Haha! :rofl:
pick out a knife yet?


Take pics of what you like, then go find it somewhere for 20 bucks cheaper, haha.

I love looking at the prices of ammo at the range, then looking it up where I buy mine to see the difference. It’s generally 4 dollars more per box than what I pay. I also realize not all ranges may operate that way, but the public ones around here do.

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Usually it’s either a Snake Eye that I picked up at the local gun store. It holds a decent edge, has yet to have any loose screws or rattles, and hasn’t shown any undo wear even those it has lived a hard life. My other choice, if out work is the order of the day, is a Buck 450T. Typical Buck quality, with a partially serrated blade. I have been looking at Rugers line of knives. They are made by CKRT, and are very affordable.

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Get a benchmade auto!