Does anyone else carry boot knives?


A couple days ago a friend from my middle school years reconnected with me. Come to find out he joined the Marines. Anyways he said he carried a boot knife. I liked the idea and bought myself one as a backup for when it’s too close quarters for a gun (if I can get it).
So I was wondering if anyone carried one and if so, do you have any tips?

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I carry my back up gun in my boots or around my ankle :joy:


I love the idea of a bootknife… but going in and out of buildings and vehicles, they get caught sometimes… then people see a boot knife cause your pants caught the handle just right… Personally, I have a leatherman I carry… and I also have a folding karambit. It goes in my off hand pocket, scares people a bit but the finger ring also saves your index knuckles if you learn to wield it correctly… a decent folder karambit can be found on Amazon for 15-20$… sturdy enough to be useful… but cheap enough to replace if needed


I always carry a knife. Either I am opening a pesky, uncooperative bag of beef jerky or opening a box - my knife is a constant part of my EDC.


I am very interested in this. I joined a rifle range and hat to sit through an 8 hour orientation. The president of the club described a scenario where someone tried to grab your gun out of the holster. Obviously you would try to hold the gun in the holster so they can’t shoot you. He then showed how if you had a knife you could grab it with the other hand and stab the guy. The problem is, most states have laws against knives. Does anyone have any suggestions on a good carry knife? I would want it on my waist, not my boot. I want everything in reach so I am ready at all times.


Well I just bought a S&W HRT dagger. It can go in a boot or in your waist.

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Ka-bar and SOG, make great quality folders… they can get pricey but wether it’s folding or sheath knife, they make some great stuff


@Tankrachet86 I have a KABAR folding knife. I like it for $30 I paid for it. I’ve gone in favor of my Steel River knife because of the seatbelt cutter and glass breaker on it. Unless you know of some other way I can have those.
Also you mentioned (or somebody did) that you carry a folding karambit. How come a folding karambit and not a fixed karambit?


Fixed karambit are alot longer all the time, and it’s hard to keep it where ppl cannot see it… so I just favor a hidden approach on that…


Oh OK. That makes sense. What about the rapid deployment part of the knife? Are the folding assisted opening karambits good if you need to grab them in a pinch? And do you keep the folding karambit for defense or as a pocket knife?


I carry in my right side pocket… has enough grit to be used for anything and they are almost all assisted open …