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I think knives are a very important part of an EDC. Sure, most people probably never really consider a EDC knife as a self defense weapon. In fact, I didnt used to until about 10-15 years ago.
Now I keep a 3 blade buck in my Pocket, and use for just about everything you could think of (Sharpening a carpenters pencil, cutting open a bag or cutting shrink wrap). My duty knife (3 1/2"-4" blade folder), as I call it, stays clipped to the inside waistband of my pants. The clip is under my belt. You actually cant see it unless you look for it. That way its quick access and ready in a pinch, but very unassuming. Cold steel Recon, Spyerco Manix or paramilitary as well as the Off Grid Black Momba are my normal choices to carry. I do switch them up. One is more comfortable when I carry my 45 and one is really comfortable when I dress up. Just depends.