Fixed vs Folding


For simplicity let’s put auto opening and assisted opening in the same category as folding due to moving parts.

Which do you prefer and why?

For me, i prefer fixed. There are no moving parts that can be broken easier than the rest of the knife. The handles tend to be more comfortable. Fixed blades from reputable manufacturers made with quality steel will hold up to a lot. Knives are our biggest survival tool, you can do an awful lot with just a knife. From self defense to building shelter or a fire.

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Folder for me because it’s going in my pocket or in my kit, but I like one with a very positive lock. If I’m on horseback, I sometimes used to carry a fixed in my boot top if I’m wearing the boots on the outside of my jeans, or gator top if I’m wearing brush gators.
My hubby carries both a lot of the time. On the fixed, he needs one with a grip that fits his big hands. He’s got a couple in the “That’s not a knife, THIS is a KNIFE!” size.


Have him look in to the TOPS Tahoma Field Knife. It’s pretty sweet for big hands. I should know, i wear XXL gloves myself.

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Fixed in the field and my auto for EDC. I do have a fixed blade that lives in my truck though.

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Folding. 99 percent of the time, I carry my knife in my pocket. During deer season, it’s in a sheath, on my belt. It’s still a folder. Buck 110 lock blade. I’m old school. My 2 main edc knives are an inexpensive assisted opening knife, and a small M&P knife. The inexpensive one was a gun store 15 dollar knife that I have abuse the heck out of, and it just keeps working. No loose screws, no broken clip, and it still takes a decent edge.

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@Spence I’m going to go look that up right now :slight_smile:


Just have him get another yarborough. The guy that makes them will sell him a duplicate one with his S/N. You said he was a Green Beret right?

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@James :slight_smile: he was Special Forces, Vietnam.


Well I know they didn’t issue the yarborough until 1992 until present, but only people that are SF qualified or have a written letter of transfer may legally posses the Yarborough. Idk. If I was tabbed, I’d buy another. Or just look at the tops pig hunter. That’s pretty close in design. There are also a myriad of knife makers that were SF that sell their stuff dirt cheap to other SF qualified guys.

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I tend to carry a locking folder for EDC and a fixed blade for hiking. Just had my first custom forged fixed blade made for me with a custom sheath.


Oooooooo pretty! @Robert5
My 19 year old nephew has started training to be an armourer blacksmith. I’m already planning a list of projects for him :smile:

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It’s a fun hobby, and easy to get discouraged. But you are always learning. He just has to make sure he gets a good grinder with a good platen. Either that or he needs to learn patience and to use files. This was my progress over the year and a half I’ve been messing around and banging steel. First knife, and one of my latest knives.


Oooo that’s a beautiful blade!

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The first one? Lol. Rail road spikes make crummy knives, but they teach a lot of hammer control.

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What grades of steel did you use for the Damascus? How many folds/layers?

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1084 and 15N20. 13 layers twisted probably 20 times, cooled off, ground the ridges off, then flattened it again.


That should hold a good edge. It is good to see Damascus making a comeback even in some folders.

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Yeah, itll hold a great edge. Good Damascus is making a comeback, there is still the rebar and car bumper Damascus coming out of Pakistan and China though.

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Looooove Damascus blades. LOVE.:heart_eyes:

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