Fixed Blade EDC Recomendations?

Looking for recommendations for a fixed blade edc. I’d like to be able to wear it AIWB opposing side of my firearm. I also feel more comfortable keeping a blade in my truck, so if I’m commuting around to places I can’t carry a gun I still have a blade.

I have a TDI and I like it, but the grip is too large and it’s almost more difficult to conceal than a gun. I have Warrior Poet Splinter Knife. It’s a quality blade but the holster retention kinda bothers me. I might try to tighten it a little more. The TDI gets a real positive retention.


This is the fixed blade I keep in my work vehicle:)

Works very well for clearing brush from old two tracks and gathering kindling for the campfire. But could also make a pretty good improvised self defense tool. Unfortunately I think the Ontario Knife Company declared bankruptcy so these might not be available for awhile:(



I prefer a folding knife to fixed for edc. growing up in the country on a ranch I grew accustomed to always having a pocketknife on me. I found a great folder ,for my needs, sturdy spring assisted opening knife to my liking. a little on the large side but sturdy , heavy duty with a good positive solid lockup when open. that’s what’s in my pocket every day. it is a ridge runner “herdsman”


This is my EDC. Off hand and still case xx in my pocket.


I use mine as a neck knife, but can be affixed to a belt.
Spartan Blades USA

You can always go with a light bearing blade!


@Scoutbob did you intend for it to be carried concealed too?

I have one like that in my wife’s car which I doubles as our road trip vehicle too.


What Sheath? I swear I struggle to keep mine comfortably concealed up front. I actually bought a Kayden sheath. Might try multi clips. It’s a really nice blade especially considering price.

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I don’t have one of their fixed blades, but I do have one of their folders. I can say that Benchmade has the absolute BEST customer service I’ve ever received from any vendor. My son gave me it after deploying all over the world and it’s kinda beat up. They are replacing the blade with a newer better steel and the clip for $80. I’m not even the original owner. Very happy customer here!


In my state, Virginia, fixed blades, regardless of length, are illegal to conceal. Ironically, folding knives, of any length, are legal to conceal. And we thought “gun control” makes no sense.


I was born in Texas and I plan to die in Texas (hopefully many years from now) :joy:. :cowboy_hat_face:




](Smith & Wesson® Officer Fixed Blade | Smith & Wesson)
This is an awesome Blade was $30 last month now $55 (goes on sale regularly)
Good Grip, Full tang and you can throw this Bi**H! Balanced and hugs the body when in the sheath
(File photos from website: every thing I have is S&W, C.Baton, Cuffs, OC spray)gel M&P9, Holster and Rig)


Nice length, nice blade shape, nice palm swell and pommel on the grip. Big negative for me - it’s Chinese.

Sounds like sheath and handle size might be priorities.

If you like the style of the TDI and Splinter knife you might try to find a (now discontinued) Benchmade Azeria:

Benchmade has a Mini SOCP which is only sharpened on one side (regular version is a larger dagger with both sides sharpened):

You might also try positions on your belt that would be more concealing for your current TDI or contact a custom holster maker to make what you want for the Splinter knife.

NSR Tactical makes a knife sheath for your TDI:

Also on the discontinued market, the Brous Blades MF-CEO knife was popular with JY on YT, and NSR used to make a sheath. I don’t know if you could find both to use together though.


Spyderco also has some fixed blades designed for EDC. Here are some examples.

Spyderco Perrin Street Beat:

Spyderco Perrin Subway Bowie:

Also, Cold Steel used to sell smallish EDC knives, but I think they were for neck carry (Cold Steel Mini Tac line).


Just for the heck of it, a more traditional style (but newish model) EDC fixed blade I’ve been eyeing is a customized version of the Buck 113 Ranger.

Image from Slusser Knifeworks:


Very nice-looking knife. Their current inventory here.


Bark River also makes some nice fixed blades with the higher end steels. I’ve been thinking about the Gunny, but the prices are high.

As an aside, I’m very disappointed that Buck stopped it’s program with small dealers for limited runs. I used to regularly peruse Copper & Clad and SK Blades for getting Buck’s with other (often better) blade steel options and handle variations.

From my understanding, Buck stopped that program a few years back.

Although I am more of a 112 fan, here is a pic I found on Instagram better illustrating some of SK Blades options (when they SK Blades was still in business); blades in S90V, CPM20CV, and CPM154:

I have a few 110’s, 112’s and 110 Lite’s I purchased from the two dealers when the program existed. Sorry I don’t have the time right now to take pics.

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