Fixed EDC knives


Does anyone know a good EDC knife website?


If you catch the sales, you can get a good deal on the KnifeCenter site.
They have a 9.67 out of 10 star review on, which is pretty good for a website.

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Thanks Shepherd, I will check it out now! I found Black Antler Blades. They will be at the USCCA Expo too.

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Black Antler looks like some really nice custom made stuff. Enjoy checking them out at the Expo.

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I just hope they’re not too pricey!!!

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@Jeffrey, good luck with that! :smile: While I believe in buying the highest quality of a product you can get, I still have to be budget conscious. Their website makes me believe they are just out of my reach! I do love a good, high quality knife though…

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Me too, I’d love to carry one!!!


I’ll be looking for a photo of your awesome, new knife the weekend of the expo!

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I hope! I love Crossbreed Holsters too. Wish I had a ton of money to play with!


@James might be able to make you one

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That would be very awesome!


Both sell Bark River Knives. Barkies are a little pricey, but they are backed by the best warranty you can get. If it breaks they will fix it if they can, if not they will replace it. No questions asked (ok they might want to know the story behind it but that won’t invalidate their warranty.)

Barkies are worth every penny, they have a group on Facebook too. If you ever have a knife question, about any knife, the owner Mike Stewart can answer about 99.9% of them.

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Thank You Sir!!! I will check them out right now!!!


Hey Spence, Black Antler Blades will be at the USCCA Expo, I’m gonna check them out too!

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