SCOTUS overturns bump stock ban

I do not own a bump stock. I do not want a bump stock. I probably never will want a bump stock.

Which doesn’t matter. If you want to limit people’s access to firearms and accessories, change the constitution, don’t play with the lower courts.

Important decision for the 2A community.


A major blow to Trump’s anti 2A agenda. Wonder what he thinks about the Judges his team selected voting against his back door attempt to dismantle the 2A?

Hopefully this will lead to an end of Biden’s continuing attempts to utilize Trump’s precedent of weaponizing the ATF to try and get around the Constitution. But I won’t be holding my breath on that one.


Just cannot help yourself, can you?



Bump stocks should be banned. Congress needs to take this up. If Machine Guns are illegal, anything that turns a Simi-auto into a machine gun should also be illegal.

Yes, I said it.

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No I can’t. As someone who is very concerned about keeping the limited 2A rights we have left I will not ignore the actions of someone who has threatened and acted to take them away on multiple occasions. Trump’s 2A record is very clear. He talks a good 2A talk when he wants my vote. But then when he has the power to protect and restore the 2A he does and says stuff like this:

“Obama Administration legalized bump stocks. BAD IDEA. As I promised, today the Department of Justice will issue the rule banning BUMP STOCKS with a mandated comment period. We will BAN all devices that turn legal weapons into illegal machine guns.”

Donald J. Trump

When Biden threatens my rights and freedoms I am quick to call him out on it. I’m not going to look the other way when Trump does the same. If not accepting Trump as my savior means that I will be labeled as suffering from Trump Derangement Syndrome, I can live just fine with that label.

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Why do we care??? :man_shrugging:

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We care because laws are based on precedent. If we ban this bump stock, then we can ban that thingamajig that makes a gun do whatchamacallit better.

And then that NEW ban sets precedent for another one. And over a long, long time, rights are eroded based on incremental legal precedent.

That’s why we care.


I know most here are not fans of NYT, but there is a good audio clip in this article of the speed of the bump stock rifle in the Las Vegas Shooting compared to full auto and the shooting in Orlando (normal rifle).

Machine guns are not illegal. They are just very expensive and require extra paperwork to own.

I think bump stocks are a gimmicky toy with no practical use aside from waisting a lot of money on ammo. But presidents and the ATF can’t make laws. Only Congress can do that and they are limited by the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. If we let Presidents and government bureaucrats take away the rights most people don’t care about then sooner or later they will come for the rights everyone should care about. As they are already doing.


Read this:

Here’s a snippet:

"An M16/M4 with full automatic capability has a cyclic rate somewhere between 750 and 1000 rounds per minute, depending on specifications.

The typical bump fire stock will yield a cyclic rate of less than 300 rounds per minute, though it does so with a standard semi-automatic firearm. "

A bump stock is not a machine gun. According to the ATF, neither is a binary trigger. On both a bump stock and binary trigger, the trigger is activated once for EVERY SINGLE SHOT. Fire 600 rounds, that’s 600 trigger activations.

A full auto firearm (aka “machine gun”) fires continuously with ONE TRIGGER PULL, and at a much higher rate. Fire 600 rounds, that’s ONE TRIGGER ACTIVATION.

And that’s the essence of the National Firearms Act; if one trigger activation sends more than one round down range, it’s a machine gun.

On a good day, I can fire 5 rounds per second out of my Ruger 1022. That’s 300/minute (if my finger can keep up). Are we next going to ban my FINGER?


Agreed - they’re a dumb gimmick, which lowers your accuracy. The only reason el-dumbo in Las Vegas did so much damage is that there were so many people packed in a relatively small space. He didn’t need accuracy, just lots of lead moving downrange. Jerk!


The guy in Vegas had a legally owned fully automatic rifle along with his legally owned bump stocks. I actually haven’t seen any reports on how many bullets he fired from the auto rifle vs the bump stock rifle. Do you know if your recording is of the sick killer firing his full auto rifle or his bump stock rifle? Did he even use the bump stock rifles? It sounds like he was able to bring a whole bunch of weapons up to that hotel room. Unfortunately LEOs waited outside his room for quite some time before entering. This gave him the time he needed to kill a lot of innocent people. Whatever tools he used or didn’t use were only one of many factors that led to the carnage he was able to get away with.

Bump stocks are way harder to shoot accurately than semi auto rifles. Even standard full auto rifles are hard to control and accurately shoot than a single trigger pull rifle. I’d much rather have a sicko shooting at me rapidly with a gun bouncing all over their shoulder than one who is taking single well aimed shoots.

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If you take the editorial section with a good dose of skepticism, the NYT, in terms of factual reporting, is usually a very decent paper.

I think this used to be the case. Same for NPR. But as with almost all the other news organizations out there their ability to report accurately without bias has been tanking over the years. Seems that editors these days are far more concerned about agendas than facts.


I was referring to @James1493 comment of “Yes, I said it”. Sooo… why do we care that you said it.


Prez. Trump doesn’t have an Anti 2A agenda, you and others keep harping on the “bump stock” debacle. He took bad advice from the nra and Slippery Wayne and you know it.
That was the sacrificial offering for the sins of others. :roll_eyes:

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Was he also listening to the NRA when he threatened to ban “assault rifles” and “high capacity” magazines while president? That is the holy grail of the anti self defense movement at the moment. I don’t care whose idea it was. I care that he willingly signed off on it and has never admitted it was a mistake let alone promised to fix it if he ever got the chance.

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And you never made a mistake in your life? Just admit your just like every other leftist liberal and anything Prez Trump does triggers you. You would rather see this Republic destroyed then vote for Trump. P.S. he will be our next President again.
I hear the weather is nice in South Africa in the fall after the elections. :slightly_smiling_face:


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I agree with Mat on this point, even though I do not have anything to put a bump stock on nor would I if I did. Ammo is too expensive to be wasting arbitrarily. If bump stocks are banned, they could say doing a trigger job is illegal because it allows us to fire faster, or recoil dampers allow us to get back on target faster with follow up shots, or frictionless paint allows us to run faster or whatever other nonsensical thing they think up is illegal to keep us from having an advantage.