Bump Stocks

Surprised no one is talking about SCOTUS review of the bump stock ban. While it’s not really a 2A case, it’s about gvt agency authority to create rules on its own without congress express authorization. Given the new court makeup and their dislike for agency rulemaking authority, it will be interesting to see how they thread the needle here.


That’s because we usually discuss self defense here…

Bump Stock… legal or not… it’s hard to apply it to self defense situation.


I think bump stocks are pretty useless. However the ability of the President to use executive action to weaponize the Department of Justice, ATF and other agencies against firearm owners has huge implications.

Trump’s action against pistol braces has set a precedent that Biden has used or stated the intent to use to ban all sorts of items including pistol braces, home made “ghost” guns (which the way the rule was written could be increasingly interpreted as just having any spare firearm parts on hand) and any device that is used to increase the rate of fire. Which could easily be interpreted to mean just about any modification to a firearm from changing trigger springs, to grips, or sights, etc.

Just replace the socialists below with bump stocks. Then replace the other groups with firearms you don’t use but end with one you really care about. This is the goal of all these incremental actions. Though the end of the poem remains the same because if you look at history once the weapons are all banned it won’t be just the weapons they come for.

“First they came for the Socialists, and I did not speak out—
Because I was not a Socialist.

Then they came for the Trade Unionists, and I did not speak out—
Because I was not a Trade Unionist.

Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out—
Because I was not a Jew.

Then they came for me—and there was no one left to speak for me.”

Martin Niemöller


Yes they are coming for your guns one little thing at a time by claiming you don;t need them and by making them unlawful well how about my fast trigger finger?


I kind of think people don’t like to be reminded how anti gun Trump was and is with his actions as POTUS

/flame suit on

Probably the most political comment I’ve ever made on here by a long shot lol but, yeah, that ^ the way I see it, this ban literally set the precedent that semi-automatic firearms can be regulated like machine guns and it doesn’t even take an act of Congress to do it. Next up, APEX and Geissele and triggers will be considered machine guns overnight


When a lone gunman kills 59 people and injures at least 527 others, it’s hard to argue agasint banning that weapon setup. If you assume that he was able to only shoot half as fast without the bump stock, half as many people would be killed or injured. A forced reset trigger just hasn’t been used in a mass shooting - yet.

The Vegas shooter did apparently have a couple of firearms with him that had bump stocks on them. He may or may not have used them. But he also had a still completely legal fully automatic rifle that he likely did use.

My understanding is that the main reasons this mass murderer was able to do so much damage were both because the people where so tightly packed together and had few options for quickly exiting the area in an emergency and because LEOs for whatever reasons took a significant amount of time before engaging him even though they were alerted and outside his door fairly quickly.

If this sicko had instead used one of many likely far more effective methods, like using a big truck full of fertilizer and other household chemicals to plow into and blow up the crowd, should there have been laws passed to ban trucks and fertilizer etc.? Firearms are currently the tool of choice for sick mass murderers in the U.S. thanks, I believe, largely to our anti self defense and anti firearm media’s efforts to fear monger and fetishize these tools as all powerful devices. But there are far more effective tools these sick people would switch to in the unlikely event we could somehow keep them from getting the tools they currently fantasize about.

It wasn’t a gimmicky piece of plastic that killed these people. It was a very sick man.


Also while in this case - due to the highly packed and trapped crowd - being able to fire faster probably contributed to the victim count, in many cases firing faster can just lead to more misses and running out of ammo quicker. There is a reason why many, if not most, U.S. infantry soldiers are no longer issued fully automatic rifles.


No suit needed.
President Trump gave a speech to the NRA earlier this year, and said he will push for police indemnification (So they don’t get fired or lose their pensions when they go after thugs) (1:10:45 in the video) and nationwide reciprocity when he gets another term in office. (1:11:55)

The uncut speech in its entirety: Campaign 2024: Donald Trump Speaks at National Rifle Association Gathering | C-SPAN.org

I DO know that President Trump kept more promises than any other President in my memory. That takes in a dozen presidents.


I seem to remember Trump promising National Reciprocity and an end to all gun free zones back in 2016. Despite 2 years of Republican control in the House and Senate neither of those issues were ever even put up for a vote. Instead we got a Bump Stock ban and a push for the Supreme Court to NOT remove suppressors from the NFA

He also promised while President to use executive action to ban “assault weapons” and “high capacity” magazines if the House and Senate didn’t pass a law doing so. Fortunately that was one of the promises he ended up not keeping.

When it comes to 2A rights, I trust Trump about as far as I can throw him and I doubt I would even be able to lift him off the ground.


All I can say is, you vote for your guy, I’ll vote for mine. Good luck.


I keep waiting for the Republicans or Democrats to give me an option I can hold my breath long enough to vote for. Looks like once again my only choices will be whatever libertarian or independent can make it on the ballet.

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We forgot that Congress makes the laws not the ATF but it seems that way one day it ts is legal the next day it it in not ???

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