Scam alert – national Association for gun rights


Listening to Armed American Radio on the ride home and heard a warning for Alabama that DJ Patton of the national Association for gun rights is moving into Alabama.

Based only on what I heard on armed American radio, this organization is a scam and does not support gun rights.

I am not saying they’re good or bad, just saying and I heard a warning. Do your research before donating any money, or stick to the good ones… The NRA, second amendment foundation, gun owners of America, etc. :us:


I joined the Firearms Policy Coalition. They, and the GOA have done more for us than any other gun rights organization. I don’t trust the NRA anymore, since they do not let non-life members vote in their elections, or blow your phone up 3x daily for handouts. Wayne LaPierre and Chris Cox are not my favorites.


I’ve always been a little weary on NRA @Matthew_Arentzen. I have to be a member in order to be a member at my gun club. I still support, but not as much and with a skeptical eye. I also give to GOA and SAF, but will check out the Firearms Policy Coalition. I had not heard of them.


FPC is fighting against the bump-stocks ban. If you watch “Guns and Gadgets” on YouTube, you will hear about them and the GOA. Their new membership kits are backlogged two months because of their appearance at SHOT show, and their quick actions.


Now I’m DEFINITELY checking them out!

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Thanks for the warning, @Skeebo! A little extra research before donating to a cause is never a bad idea!


Same here I fully support the grass roots army @Matthew_Arentzen


There you go, good man! Fight back, brother!


Yep. Always good to do research on any organization you wish to contribute to.
I will not renew my sub. With the nra. They use scare tactics to wring money from its members.
Have you’re noticed that when you get mail from them they always beg for more of your hard earned cash. It has gotten worse since COL. Oliver north USCMC RET. Became president of the nra.
Yo boomers, remember the IRAN CONTRA AFFAIR? seems he is running the nra they same way, not quite a scam but close.yep.wheelin and dealin. Poor president Reagan had no clue. CAVEAT EMPTOR.

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Ok, I have to ask… BOATS??

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Greetings dawn. I’ve clicked on the link to introduce myself, but it took me to a page where there are no prompts to do so. Am I missing something? Maybe brain fade.
I only have a galaxy S5. I did manage to get a photo of a sheild similar to what I used to wear posted. Your help would be greatly appreciated.
I tried changing my user name also with the same results.

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PS. BOATS in sea going services is a nickname for boatswains mate,


You got it @Curtis! I just saw your intro post :slight_smile:

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I have recently dropped my phone of 6 years, TWICE no less. It is speaking in tongues, it scrolls by itself. I will type in a word, and when I proof read there is another word in its place. What I hear about the new phones they are not much better. Maybe I should just get it EXORCISED.

I just wanted to say what a hoot it is being in the USCCA community forum.

It will only grow and get better. The format is a little ostentatious it could be a lot more user friendly for people with smartphones. It used to be you hit send instead of respond, same thing, I just need to acclimate. The main thing is half the the page is covered by a picture of sorts when that space could be used for prompts. We geezers are not as handy as millenials in that area. A little streamlining is all that’s needed. You’ll get there, getting feed back from us should help. Did you program the software for this site?

I may purchase a new phone in a couple of weeks. Any suggestions?

If I could get a new galaxy S5 that would be great. I never had issues with this phone, until I broke it. I have insurance, maybe they can replace it in kind.

The price has doubled since I bought mine 6 years ago. My deductible is $179.and they may possibly replace it with a reman. Thank you for all of your hard work.

Take care, and be aware.


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I joined the NRA for 5 year membership for $100. That’s before I heard all the negatives. So I recently joined GOA.

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Definitely check them out @Skeebo FPC is definitely worth it. I’ve joined all reputable organizations except the NRA. They don’t do what I’ve been told they do, at least I haven’t seen them do any of it. What I’ve seen is them back anti gun groups and trying to convince their members that it’s for the better.

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There are some good groups out there, for sure. I didn’t mean to get a bashing started on the NRA. While I’m sure there is room for improvement, I still think they are doing a lot of good. If you measure their effectiveness based solely on the constant whining by the left about the NRA, I’d say there still making a difference. I get nervous, and skeptical, when an organization gets to the size the NRA has gotten. Also when one get to a level of power the NRA has.

Since learning about other, similar, organizations, I spread what little I have around to try to help everyone.

Appreciate the feedback thus far. The info on other organizations has been enlightening and I will definitely take a look.

It’s great to have a group of like minded folks to do this with! :us:


Curtis Col North is leaving the NRA because of the heavy handed fundraising he tried to get the V P Out but failed.

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