Says it all - 3 years old in the middle of the night

Stuff like this might make us rethink having a loaded firearm around the house at night. Little people get up and mess around while we are a sleep. We used to find food in the living room and in the kids rooms in the mornings.


Only one word describes this situation to a T: Negligence. Any argument to the contrary will ring hollow. It’s a firearm, and due diligence is required ALWAYS. It’s what I learned, it’s what I believe, it’s what I teach, it’s what my state requires, it’s what I practice. “Guns are neither safe nor unsafe by themselves. When gun owners learn and practice responsible gun ownership, guns are safe” (NRA).


No way I’m leaving a loaded firearm within reach of someone other than me, my wife and adult kids.
In fact, based on their mood and temperament, I secure my loaded gun even more.


100% Agreed:

  1. Loaded Firearm where a 3 year old can get his hands on it.
  2. Loaded Firearm in a condition that a 3 year old can fire it.
  3. Adults present (maybe asleep) not keeping a 3 year old away from the gun.

You remember how on the evening news; the question would ask, "it’s 11:00 do you know where your children are? But we can add to that by further asking, “…even in your home, and what they are doing?” Because today, the children put the parents out of their rooms, and will close and lock the door! All while the parent’s foot the bill…shiiiiiiiiiiiiit! Hell to the Nawww! You all know I don’t use that language, but let’s bring the hay down where whomever can eat it! No offense to anyone. If I did, I apologize.


IMO there should be nothing to rethink…if you have a loaded gun let alone handgun in the house, unsecured, with a 3 year old, you’re wrong.


I have no children in my home and I still have my firearm secured. It’s sad that this sort of thing happened. The adults in that home were criminally negligent and should be prosecuted.


As someone who has had mental illness and suicide in my family, I couldn’t agree more with this statement. My kids are older and go to the range with me. We are a very close knit family. If I sensed there was any kind of danger of my kids doing something stupid with a gun, I would take radical measures to prevent misuse.

My kids didn’t sleep well as infants and toddlers. My wife stayed home with them and I tried to give back to her by getting up with them through the night so she could sleep. I learned to sleep pretty light. But the guns still were secure. I can’t imagine being woken to the sound of a gunshot in my own home.


@Mike164 thanks for that post. One thing jumps out at me. This statement in particular: “Utah doesn’t currently have any laws that require safe storage right now,” she said.

Is there a need for another law pertaining to safe storage of firearms, or is she just referencing something more specific for Utah? The question is, is there a need for yet another law on the subject that would do better than current law appertaining. Just swirling thoughts, here. :face_with_spiral_eyes:


“We should copy California,” she said.


HAH! While you are in the midst of copying…consider purchasing these two hundred acres that I have to sell you…they’re dirt cheap!

Yeah, good luck with that…


She is one of the Salt Lake Democrat Bureaucrats that floats around from non profit to non profit emphasizing her gun control ideology when ever there’s a microphone to be had.