9 Year Old Shot

This lies squarely on the parents…


It absolutely does.


There’s no way to regulate stupid. The parents, I mean.


The worst part is that the kids paid the price of their parent’s stupidity.


It absolutely rest on the parents when loaded firearms are unsecured and unattended.
Let’s do a little further critical evaluation. By 13 I was hunting and trapping and had been given my own 20 ga (and in my own mind had pseudo-inherited a couple of other firearms as well) . I knew where all the guns in the house were, where all the ammo was, and what the implications of putting them together was.
I dont think the article indicated charges to the parents, but I do remember it saying the older brother was being held without bail and was being tried as an adult.
Maybe things have changed since I was a kid, but I dont remember summary execution being a part of playing cops and robbers. There is more to this than is being reported.


Yes and no. The opportunity for this to happen never should have existed but, according to the article, the 13-year-old knew exactly what he was doing and that he was doing it out of anger.

There is a point in life at which you should have matured enough to realize being given the opportunity to do something wrong does not mean you take it and does not make your actions someone else’s fault just because they gave you said opportunity.

Overall, even though for different reasons, the teenager is just as accountable as the parents for this disaster.


Based on the story, not the headline, there was no “playing cops and robbers”, it was flat-out murder, as he admitted knowing it was loaded and still shot his brother in the head.


This saddens me. Secure your firearms people


Locking the firearms but not educating the kids about the firearms does not count as securing them, by my definition.

Is it OK to leave a 13 y.o. to babysit a 9 y.o for a few hours? If you do, can a home invasion happen during that time? If it can, should a 13 y.o. be helpless, or have a chance to save himself and younger sibling with a weapon? These are not trivial questions. Depends on kids, parents know their kids best.


I would not be surprised if later on we learn the 13 yo had some sort of deficiency and a history of threats and cruelty to ‘lesser creatures’ .
This isn’t said to diminish any consequences, but rather that steps could have likely been taken to ensure everyone’s safety before it came to this.


Beginning when I was 12 (more than 50 years ago), I babysat for my brothers (1.5, 4 and 7 years younger than me), and four neighborhood families. This was in a very safe suburban environment, and we (my parents and I) never thought about nor discussed the possibility of a home invasion. It was so far outside the realm of the possible, that it never occurred to us.

Sadly, that’s no longer true. If I had a teenage child or grandchild who wanted to babysit, I would instead hire them to work for me and pay them at least what they could earn babysitting.


Agreed. If what I have read is true, the teenager knew exactly what he was doing and what the end result would be.

Just as you stated, the opportunity for this to happen should have never existed. That is my rub. The parents, to paraphrase Massad Ayoob, possessed a power they were incapable of commanding and tragedy resulted.

They allowed that firearm to fall into the hands of another for which they are responsible, and should be held accountable for.


Jesus wept.

Why do gun owners do such stupid :rage: :poop:!

I live with just my wife and myself. Even then all of my guns are locked up in one of 2 safes. To get to the one gun that isn’t. You have to take it from me and I’m not going down easy.