4-year-old finds gun, shoots herself & her father

Not too many details as of yet.

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UGH… Wisconsin is a much nicer place than news reports make it out to be. :frowning:

Please be sure your firearms are secure if there are little ones in your home!


“Police said the girl’s father lied to officers about the circumstances of the shooting.”

There would likely be a number of violations and arrestible offences related to this incident, although attempting to mislead police investigators with false narratives by lying to them might be as egregious as the more serious violations of “negligent discharge” and “failure to secure firearm”.


Simple rule folks, if you have kids you have to be ever vigilant and take reasonable and practical precautions to keep them from gaining unauthorized access to your firearms.


Aww man :cry:

This story actually made me tear up…

I’m usually not one on the emotions. but even though they are alive, this is preventable!

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I have a cousin, she was 2 at the time, who got into her mommy’s purse, which was left in the grocery cart, and got mommy’s firearm. This was the result! Merry Christmas Mom!

FYI: Slightly graphic photo. Click on the blurry area to see the actual photo. ~Dawn

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Yikes! :hushed:

I’ve heard that story 4 different places with 4 different kids… purse carry … yeeeeaaah not lovin’ it At All.

Their entire family went hard into CC but unfortunately didn’t get much training. I taught firearms training for 20 years with the AF and have carried for 40 years now. I offered them private (free) training but all they talked about was how well they could hit a paper target at 15 yards. Since the incident, which I refer to as a f**k up, they’ve got more training. Still, their focus isn’t totally where it should be. I don’t shoot with them. Wanting to get as many years of retirement as I can. :crazy_face::crazy_face:

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