Ruger 57 Owners?

I’m really thinking about picking one up this weekend and wanted some personal feedback from anyone who currently owns one.


Almost looks like a 2911

As a lover of 1911 and 2011 I can agree with that… :yum:

I only read positive reviews from rugerforum dotnet.

Only thing that shys me away is o was under the impression that 57 ammo was expensive. But with the current world where 9mm and 45 are priced the same, I have no idea if that even matters anymore


I think it might depend what you are comparing it to, and the availability in your area. At Cabela’s prepandemic, a box of WWB 45 JHP was the same price as 50 rounds of FN 5.7 ammo. On the flip side, Cabela’s was selling 20 rounds of Federal HST 9mm for $35, while my local range sold a box of 50 for the $31. Your area might have a different price break down.

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looks there is no Ruger 57 owners here… so you have to rely on our “online” jury:

Ruger 57 - YouTube

The Truth About The Ruger 57: 1000 Round Review - YouTube

NEW Ruger-57: Better Than the Five-seveN? - YouTube

Been through all the videos, I found a friend / friend down the block that bought one. We’ll go out after it quits snowing😎


Let us know your thoughts after shooting :love_you_gesture:


I saw some ballistics on it, and it seemed to me that 9mm out preformed it. That being said, many would rather have the 20+1, which I understand! It seems like a really cool gun.

Yup, I looked at that also. I’m interested in it for timed practice on my steel targets, something different than my 9 or 45. Plus reloading it would be a lot cheaper right now.

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Boy, I sure hate to serve this up. But, take a look at the 22 tcm. Rock island. I have one and love it. The set up I found has a 9mm barrel as well.

Ammo is being found all over. Great part is I’m finding it for about 25 a box. Never shot the 5.7 but this tcm is awesome. No recoil, huge fireball, obnoxious loud, and 2000 ft/sec out of a 5 inch.

Pretty cool. Just don’t buy up all the ammo.


Thanks @Craig9 I will have to check it out. I never buy up all the ammo, I always leave one box😀

Yeah, interesting concept and looks fun to shoot. Far less expensive than the 5.7, too.

I’ve had about 250 rounds through mine. About as many 9s as well. The tcm is almost zero recoil, massive muzzle flash, and accurate. Lots of fun. BTW picked up a box for 15$ a week ago on the clearance rack at my local shop.

Be advised you can get a barrel and recoil spring for Glocks. Might be a better way to go if you run Glock.


When Glock starts making a DA/SA, I might reconsider. I like my hammer-fired firearms.

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