Аrmed thugs ambush wealthy investor in Dallas


Maybe when it’s the blue collar workers, the United States will wake up, and become a nation again!
This is just the beginning, just a few more trainloads, and they will kill us all! There’s going to be NO RESET, it’s a complete annihilation!

Praising Biden from the grave!

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Two take-aways I got from that are: use situational awareness, even while driving; and park as he did, front facing out. I will state, I do both of those. The second originally due to convenience, but later learned why police park that way.


The One and only? (NOT!) These Corruptibles copied his PLAYBOOK word for word!

This current deviant, corrupt, vicious, cruel administration has created a country of MONSTERS!.
I look @ my racks of mags and assorted hardware and after coming here (on this site) and very quick visits to other ‘News’ sites convinces me I DIDN’T WASTE ANY MONEY!
The TROOP TRAINS hauling these ARMIES was the kicker for me!
It is one thing to be stoopid and incompetent letting some migrants in but cutting the razor wire, welding gates open, the trains, Pictures of Terrorists carrying AK’s crossing the border, The fentynal
flooding in, The Human Trafficking these people are trying to destroy us.
You can debate the WHY’S I can’t go there with people anymore.
But my question to everybody is "What do you think these 3.5 Million ‘people’ are really planning to do once the .gov sets them up w/ a phone, apartment, guns, food… Situated near Military bases and places where they inflict the most damage, Electrical grid, Train and Infrastructure.

You think they are here for Giggles? they are here to KILL.

Arm up and Wake up America. This will be the fight for our Families and FREEDOM!.

Puddin’ and Company need ARMBANDS…They are not just for Nazi’s anymore!