Situational Awareness- More important with each passing day

Migrant gangs are following and robbing Texans after they leave the bank.


I would have run at least one of the f’ers over getting away. And definitely wouldn’t sit in that spot as long as the potential victim did.


Pure insanity! It sure does stress the need to be paying attention all the time. ALWAYS be in condition yellow as a baseline.


Someone stops their car at the end of my driveway like that as I am pulling in, I’m probably putting it into the opposite gear so I can flee pretty much the moment they get out of the vehicle.

As stated above, that may mean fleeing through the armed attackers.

Watch who is behind you especially after leaving areas like a bank, credit union, gun store, range, jewelry shop, etc, and especially when they aren’t a neighbor’s vehicle and are behind you as you are approaching your home


Those church going boys that didn’t mean any harm….why wasn’t the driver shooting them through the window? I couldn’t tell if the drivers window had tinting to help conceal his draw.


My guess would be one of these

  1. Most people don’t carry guns, driver probably didn’t have a gun
  2. There were multiple armed attackers, pretty unlikely a person stuck stationary and seated and being the focus of all of those armed attackers could shoot and incapacitate all of them without driver (or any occupants) being shot.

Even if that were me and I was armed and had super dark windows where they couldn’t see, shooting would not be my first choice. I mean, do you really expect to shoot and incapacitate 3 attackers who simultaneously have guns pointed at you, where they can move around, but you are seated in one spot?


Edit: Also, the windshield isn’t going to be tinted such that the attacker standing right in front of the car looking through the windshield in broad daylight can’t see through, so I’m quite certain that at a minimum at least one armed attacker with his gun pointed at the driver could clearly see the driver


i would have not have parked in the first place knowing they were on my tail and if i did and they came out at me i would have used the weapon i was sitting in to take one out while getting out of there and calling 911.




This may sound like paranoia, but ever since I became an EDC, if a strange vehicle even looks suspicious, I never travel directly to my home. NEVER. :exclamation:Could be completely innocent, but like law enforcement always says, there’s no such thing as routine!

This is far from new, it’s the frequency!

I’ll travel a block or two away, with multiple turns and u-turns. In some instances I’ll pull into a strangers driveway, blast through a yellow light if necessary. Take up a position, if possible, behind to get plate numbers! The hunted becomes the hunter.
Unfortunately, every driver is suspect, until they’re not!


I’m the same way Scott. I live on a short dead end with only a few houses. If I have the slightest suspicion that someone is following me I drive past my neighborhood and make all kinds of strange turns until I know for sure they’re not.

It’s not paranoia, it’s good sense.


Same, better safe than sorry!

Personally the one that spooked me the most was on my way to work.

Noticed a silver Honda accord with heavy front end damage going the other way.

30 seconds later, it was feet off my rear bumper at the stop sign!

I don’t recognize the car, and I couldn’t make out the driver, but they followed right on my tailgate for a bit over a mile before turning into a different neighborhood.

Probably innocent, forgot something at their buddies house or something.

But I had my shirt pulled up and my gun ready to draw from around my seatbelt the whole time!


Just what should have been done , drove off and call 911 no waiting. But should never have happened to begin with if the driver had been aware off his or her surrounding while driving home.


For me?
It all depends on what you are ready to ‘Put up with’
Where is my ‘Line in the sand?’

My personal line is when you STOP me, Block me from
doing whatever I am doing. Approach me, Have weapons?
It’s Guns up and a come to Jesus moment for them.
If a bunch of Friendly Helpful young men (with weapons)
seek to approach me after blocking my path it’s simple

My ‘Go to’ Carry in the car now is a .357 on my console.
In this instances IT’S JUST A CAR!
My Family, My life comes first.


up here in the Keweenaw most all drivers give you lots of room except for one … Had a small car race up behind me on the Calumet hill [its about 500’ elevation difference to Lake Linden] about 3/4s of the way down the hill… it was so close that I could not see any of the car from the front to the windshield… nor could I see the driver, I was in a bad mood to begin with
and this put me over the edge. slammed on the breaks and jumped out of the pickup and went to the back of the truck … one of the local welfare queens’ was driving and she said my daughter has to go to the bathroom real bad so I am in a hurry :roll_eyes: :roll_eyes: :roll_eyes:


Yup. Probably had no clue what was happening until it was too late. That could have ended badly.


I would have pulled out when they stopped in the first place and not waited for them to get out. That is just me, I do not know about anyone else.


The driver was incredibly lucky the attackers didn’t succeed in breaking the window before he finally decided to drive away.

About the only thing the victim did right was back into their parking spot. That made the eventual getaway much easier.

If I didn’t notice the car following me before backing into the driveway (would be hard not to notice in my low traffic neighborhood) I would have been driving out the instant I did notice the vehicle stoped there. Even if that meant driving through the armed attacker on the right. I wouldn’t take the time to even think about drawing my pistol. Both hands on the wheel gas peddle to floor. Once clear I’d be calling 911 and watching to see if they or other suspicious vehicles were following.

The only issue would be if I was in my family vehicle instead of my work vehicle. Not sure if all the anti collision features in it would stop the vehicle from running over the attacker? I hate safety features that can’t be over ridden!


Sad to say about myself but back when I was able to drive I rarely looked to see if I was being followed. Only time I checked the mirrors was to change lanes. As a passenger I’m not that much better.

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I am the worst for doing things by routine. That is the major way I get things done. I go into robot mode without even realizing I’m doing it.


yesterday my wife and I were heading to the ‘‘twin city’s’’ of Houghton/Handcock to pick up some plumbing fittings.
a guy was tailgating her in the Mustang [guess he was in a hurry].
made me very uncomfortable even with carrying because he had the advantage.
she took a different route and the guy went on and did not follow.
slid threw this time but what about next time???