Tailgating incident

I had a bit of a tailgate incident, nothing serious but let’s go!


Unfortunately there are people out there that like to tailgate others and intimidate and be aggressive drivers. I would’ve just kept driving and got on my phone and called 911 if they continued to follow.


Me, if I feel threatened by a driver. 911 and I’ll drive directly to the local sheriffs or police station, get out like I belong there and whip out the phone so all my buddies come down to greet the a##hole if he had the balls to stay on my tail.
Whatever you do, ( if you’re legally carrying ) DO NOT ENTER!

Maybe a defensive driving course. Lose him, catch up from behind get license info and report! I’ve done this. I’m not concerned about speed limits if my life is in danger. Are you seriously worried about the cops showing up, I think not!

If all else fails, lose him, switch to wife’s car.


@Forensic_Wow You did great. Used your turn signals in advance, made your turns, didn’t act aggressive towards the tailgater, “WHY?” BECAUSE YOU"RE RECORDING! :index_pointing_at_the_viewer: :+1: AND THAT’S TO YOUR ADVANTAGE had the tailgater would have continued following you for you to take next course of action which is call 911, and turn into a open busy public place to have police meet you at the location. It’s safer to be in a busy place where there’s people. GREAT JOB! Stay Safe! :+1:


Yep, and the red circle is dominos, blue circle is the gas station I pulled in, green arrow is the direction I was last seen heading towards in this little segment of video, and about a half mile away was a police station.


Glad you are OK. Thought your driving was safe, I could hear your turn signals, didn’t notice any speeding or sudden stops on your part.

That was smart to safely move to another street altogether. Some of us, me included switch lanes but that could embolden they or I to look at one another through our windows and possibly escalate things worse.

How smart is that to have both from and rear vid cam, way cool. That also check us/reminds us to “do right”.

I hope some others on the road realize id we are driving slow, it’s not to irritate, but only because we don’t have to get somewhere by a deadline or have precious cargo - like children, Mom, or spouse in the car; or ever food or supplies we’re just trying not to spill. or as in my case, looking for the correct address, a new address or a safe parking spot.

I could not have done as good as you.

I’m guilty of this as well, but sometimes I’ll “curse” when I experience an unsafe driver. However, when I do so, I’, letting them win or get under my skin, or get the best of me.

When I curse, they can see my head, face, hands, and body movements; And when they do, they could themselves escalate. Personally, I rather they not see me get hot, but that I’m unaffected. If video is used in court, the jurors or court will also critique my own words and demeanor. I got to work in that, but that’s just IMHO.

Dude, I was on the road around the same time and date as you, but in another state, but just prior to entering my vehicle - from a fishing trip, I ran into a pack of coyotes, no one at all got hurt.

Your’e brave to post it, and you added a lot of teaching to us all brother Forensic_Wow.

BTW, I often enjoy your posts.



Good job brother,
Whatever action you took worked for you at that time and that is all we can ask of ourselves.
I am very happy you survived that encounter. And it took large balls to show that video.
So, keep up your situational awareness, be safe and as you’ve shown you kept your head.
A+++ I personally would have borrowed Scott52’s Mini-gun and unloaded on the bas—d !
but that’s just me…(kidding here folks).