Road rage or self defense

I think this guy is an idiot

  1. Don’t brake check people
  2. If someone you feel threatened by passes you, slow down and let them drive on ahead
  3. If someone in front of you that you feel threatened by waves a gun out the window in a “look what I have” display, not even pointed back at you, not shooting, continue with #2, slow down and let them drive on
  4. If you brake check someone, or get rear ended by someone, and they pass you and keep going, call police and report it and make sure to save that camera footage

Don’t do what is in this video.


100% right. Avoid the conflict and be the innocent party. What you lined out is perfect.


Seems to me both drivers should be spending some time behind bars.

Though the guy who fired the shots might have a stronger legal self defense case even though he instigated the situation. Stupidly break checking someone does not justify the other driver brandishing a pistol. But it seems pretty clear they are just brandishing and even if they started firing it would have been much smarter and safer to take evasive action than to start firing through the windshield at that range sending bullets who knows where after they deflect through the glass.


but it is hard to keep a cool head in Florida heat!

Having experienced both types of clowns on S.Florida highways, though not to the extreme of a gun brandished at me, I’d like to send them both to jail for a long time.

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Don’t you all have AC down there?:slightly_smiling_face:

One of my few memories of Florida aside from Disney World as a kid was driving there with a friend to visit his father shortly after high school. Even way back then the traffic was crazy. Can only imagine what it must be like now.

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Yes good points…classic example, in my opinion, of both parties being wrong and nobody having a justification or self defense claim.

I’d say the guy brake checking and launching rounds poses the greatest risk to innocent parties, but, I will acknowledge there may be a lot of behavior by the car driver we haven’t seen that might put them on level wrongness overall.


He makes us all look bad. He has definite means of escape!
Even if the other wing nut pulled a gun, I would not have pulled mine.

I would have focused solely on my escape and evasion plan. Both drivers put too many lives at risk. As I write that, it sounds like everyone around them was put at risk of imminent grave bodily harm!

If this is what it’s come to, we’re going to need a bigger swivel!

Am I wrong in staying put and only venturing out when necessary?



Even now, after the recent years rising crime, we still generally live in the safest most stable society possibly that has ever existed, all factors considered. And it’s still safer and lower crime rate than “back in the day” when we were younger.

So, depends on how you choose to live your life. If you don’t mind spending it at home, you are not wrong.


In those younger days, I was bulletproof.
Today, I can’t round the bed without stubbing a toe!


I think break check, shooting guy clearly put the most innocent bystanders at risk. Given how rounds are deflected upward by shooting from behind a windshield I would be surprised if any of his rounds hit the vehicle he was aiming at. Who knows where any of them landed? But the tailgating, bumper bumping, brandishing person was also fully complicit in escalating the situation and endangering others.

I would consider it reckless driving on both their parts that led to a mutual combat situation where neither had the right to lethal force and both were recklessly endangering the lives of those around them.

If break check guy had kept his gun in his pants he would have had video evidence of the other guy bumping his car and might have gotten some money out of the deal for the minor vehicle damage and potentially the brandishing threat even though his break checking was the instigating or at least significant early escalating action. At the very least brandishing person likely would have been the only one facing serious jail time and loss of firearm rights. Now they both are at significant legal and potentially civil risk.

Will be interesting to see how this all gets handled by the LEOs and courts.


As we see in the video, brake checking is a good way to escalate a situation that could be avoided.

I live in a town very close to a LARGE central Texas college. I would estimate 90% of the kids going there are just riding along on Mommy and Daddy’s money before they have to actually get out in the real world and get jobs. Most of them are riding around in cars that cost more than my house did.

There is one road, University Drive, that separates our two towns and another road, Texas Avenue, which runs through the center of both towns from the extreme North end of my town to the extreme South end of their town.

Having one of them tailgate me down the road is a common occurrence. I don’t brake check them. I do something much more insidious. I slow down. If the limit is 40, I slow back to 30. It they stay behind me I drop it another 5. And another 5. And another 5. Most times they will find a hole in the adjacent lane and flu past and wave, telling me I’m #1. There was one time in particular a kid was right up on my bumper, we’re doing 10 mph up Texas Avenue, he is honking his horn for me to go faster and there was NO OTHER TRAFFIC. No one else on the road. He did eventually pass me, waved, said I was #1 and went right through a redlight while exceeding the speed limit. Local PD was on hand to inform him as to the error of his ways.

Is what I do legal? Not really. It is called impeding the flow of traffic, and it is a ticket-able offence. I could say he was tailgating me and I was slowing down to avoid an accident. Slower speed, less damage. That sort of thing. Or I could say I was just looking for an address.

Probably not the optimal in terms of avoidance and deescalation

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Probably not, but better than a brake check.

I don’t think slowing down a little to make it easier for a tailgater to get past is unreasonable. Seems a lot safer than speeding up over the speed limit with a tailgater up your behind.

If I am driving the speed limit and have already gotten in the far right lane and someone continues to ride my butt I will put my blinker on, pull just a little bit into the breakdown lane and slow down a little to make sure they know they are more than welcome to pass me.

This issue doesn’t come up too often where I drive. Most of my traffic issues are when driving in SoCal where many people a just flat out unpredictably crazy. Though the favorite move of many SoCal drivers seems to be the rolling road block in the left lane thing. They like to come rushing up behind you when you are passing other traffic then when you shift right to get out of their way they slow down below the speed limit to trap you in place. The real SoCal speed demons counteract this move by passing people at 20+ mph over the speed limit in the breakdown lanes:(

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We do this all the time out on the single lanes around the county. It’s just good country driving etiquette. It is usually followed by a horn toot from the passing vehicle and a wave in the rear view. The passing vehicle is usually a dually and pulling a trailer full of hay, or cows, or a tractor or some other farm related something.

Multilane arteries dissecting town or out on the highway are all very different stories. If I am in the right-hand lane and someone wanting to pass me is also in the right-hand lane, they need to get in the left-hand lane and pass.

They need to just stop cutting bait and get on with your fishin’.


One thing I tried to teach my son when driving on a 4 lane. If you see you are closing in on a car in front of you, don’t wait until the last second to get in the other lane. I know it’s not always possible but teaching him to think ahead of what he can do prior to the last second was the point.

I used to wonder about roll over accidents. Then I saw a video of a guy brake checking a mid sized SUV The driver of the SUV slammed his brakes, turned the wheel real hard and inertia did the rest. There was something gratifying about seeing that a-hole roll his big purdy SUV 3 or 4 times. Seat belts and airbags have taken much of the dangers away from rolling a car. Kind of like a roller coaster ride except you pay $50k instead $5.

Seems like another great example of why not to brake check people


Scott: “Am I wrong in staying put and only venturing out when necessary?”

NO SIR! IN MY OPINION ONLY—You are 100% correct! I’m not saying we should
cower in a corner in our homes , shades drawn, lights out and piss ourselves.
We have to work, shop, get gas, all the BS to live. But UNNECESSARY road trips
(here again Just from my perspective) is out for now. Movie Theatres, DEATH Malls,
Public Parks etc. No Thank You very much.
This Idiot PROVES just what is out there ARMED and ready to CONFRONT ! It’s NOT
about Protecting themselves it’s all about who has the biggest Cojones out here.
I have a GUN! (SEE !) You step on my boot in a bar BANG! Drive to slow BANG!
IF I shot @ EVERYBODY who tail gated, BUZZED me, Brandished @ me I’d be in the Big House
for the rest of my friggin’ life. I was Headlight flashed, Tail gated and almost sideswiped
just yesterday in a company truck doing (45) in a (45). He pulled along side and gave me the
evil eyes and I just kept driving, I let him do whatever he was going to do. I have cameras on me
and front and back! I’m not even ALLOWED to ‘carry’ @ work. (I do though, I’m not an idiot) but if
I brandished a weapon, or even worse shot @ a moron buh bye job and maybe charges against me).
But that’s the LEAST of the worries , like ya’ll said above ‘where are those rounds going to go?"
Albuturkey may not be a huge city but @ around 900K+ (and the traffic is always thick) the potential for Innocents receiving those rounds is awful. Oh, and lastly the gun was shown…BIG FRIGGIN’ DEAL!
Was he shot at? Was he in fear for his life? or his passenger? ALL NYET!
Jerk Wad made a BOO-BOO!
This country is getting too stupid for words.


As someone who goes to the movie theater fairly often, I have to say…I think it’s one of the safest places I visit.

Don’t go to the bad-area theater for an 11pm weekend showing (if you live near such a place), go on a weekday or at like 11AM or to a little nicer area…I’ve been to at least a half dozen movies this year all of them in broad daylight start to finish and a max of like 15 people in my theater sometimes like 5…probably safer than the average person’s backyard

Your mileage may vary

(think John Wick 4 is still in theaters??)

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