Watch "Road Rage Gold Medalist" on YouTube


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I have seen that car camera video probably million times already… but this comantatory made me laugh so hard again… :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:


Wow just wow can we say dumb a** 101 what NOT to do!!! Im not innocent of road rage at dumb drivers, but have never ever started shooting nore will i. Something hitting the car im out of there first n then looking for safety i may have a gun and if they shot my car then chances they are going to repeat with out thought of others safety.

Great post.

So, what would you do if you were behind the wheel of that car? Would you shoot? Why? Why not? How dangerous was what he did?

Makes me for once glad I’m not legally allowed muzzle flash suppressants in my jurisdiction, so I can distinguish a water bottle from a gun fire. Who knew?

Could he have done anything different? Slowed down, report what he thought happened to him to the police?

What is he having to face now? Not to mention the aggravation of his window replacement. What’s his car insurance Co. gonna do?

Now the authorities know, and he has to deal with the aftermath.

Is it important to us law abiding gun owners to know about these instances? Does he make it harder for us to have more firearm rights? Should he still be allowed to legally carry outside of his home?

So for him, no future mandatory school, training or tests? What do you guess that speaker/presenter on the vid would say?