Right to own a gun

Another politician that tinks that we shouldn’t own any guns at all


As soon as she becomes president (March) her first executive order will be to ban guns. She’s already made that promise! As any good Manchurian Candidate, she will dispose of Biden, she’s ambitious! It won’t be hard to crack an empty vessel. As we speak she’s planning how to invoke the 25th Amendment!


I typed 12 paragraphs … I have been told I am wordy.

In an effort not to offend with facts and analogies I present you with …

TRUMP 2020!!!

I was a one topic voter but Trump keeps pointing out other things that need fixing that he is doing so now I am a multi point voter and fail to find any points on the Democratic ticket that I can stand behind. Had sleepy Joe picked Tulsey Gabbard, now there was a woman I could have stood be hind simply for the view. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Yes that was sexist, misogynistic and rude but I’m a crusty old sailor and your government trained me well so get over it because the lass has a very nice figure. Oh did I mention she is a fighter pilot? Jet chicks are just too cool!!! :sunglasses:

I guess I’d better go to my corner now.




That’s our corner or should I say, TURF!


I’m not a single-issue voter.

However, a candidate’s stance on 2A pretty much tells me a lot about that person’s position on things dear to me.