Another attempt of interfering with 2A rights


Can’t wait to see President Trump abolish, the white house office of gun prevention!!! It’s great to see all these Attorney Generals join together against biden and for The 2 Amendment! Can’t leave out the great feeling of all those Governors backing Texas with the border!!


I fear for Pres. Trump.
Dismantling what’s heinously in place would be co$tl¥ to the crooks.


Next thing we’ll hear is “The Second Amendment certainly says, and does, protect the American Citizens Right to Keep and Bear Arms. But we just don’t see anything in there about bullets…”


The Puppet Masters tricks are getting old and tiresome.
You can only shout ‘The sky is falling! The sky is falling’ so many times while
a hoard of Chicken hawks are killing all the Hens in the coops!
Citizens (and some Politicians ) are finally sick of eating Puddings sh** and
his associated Crime Family’s Games when they see rioting (TRUE RIOTING)
already from these ungrateful Criminal migrants and Billions of dollars going to
them and fewer protections and Security going to our own people.
It’s one thing to receive Immigrants who wish a better life and have boogied from
‘Horror’s and Oppression’ and then see these Murderous bastards setting up Criminal
gangs so they can prey on unarmed American’s.

‘It’s long past time we Take our Streets and Country back and say ENOUGH!’
‘We will not take this sh** anymore and your .gov criminal activities!’


Given Trump’s anti 2A statements and actions both before deciding to run for president as a “Republican” and while president, I could see him maybe making some sort of inconsequential symbolic move to appease all the pro 2A people who will vote for him. But I have no faith that he will actually protect the 2A while in office. Especially when he doesn’t have to worry about pretending anymore to be pro 2A in order to get reelected.

I guess admitting in an interview that he owns a gun! Said that we have the right to own guns! If going to the PSA in SC, and saying he would like to own the Glock that is detailed in his honor, isn’t enough! What is! That’s more than I see most gun owners do! And he’s the Presidential front runner!!!


Thankfully, the president, any president, doesn’t have the authority to mess with anything in the Constitution. President Trump wasn’t perfect, not by a long stretch — but he did appoint Supreme Court justices who, at least so far, have been more pro-2A than most of their predecessors. That, in my book, counts as something.


I am very concerned that these justices are not nearly as pro 2A as many people on the Left and Right believe. They have been intentionally dodging, ignoring and punting cases regarding “assault rifles” and “high capacity” magazines for the past several years. They also had opportunities to clarify the pro 2A rulings they did make but instead left them vague enough for States and the federal government to continue infringing on our rights.

When Trump was President and the Republicans had full control for two years they didn’t bring a single pro 2A bill to the floor. Instead Trump had his justice department argue before SCOTUS to not take up a case that would have gotten rid of tax stamp, licensing and wait requirements for suppressors. Trump then used executive action to get the ATF to ban bump stocks (a precedent that Biden is now taking full advantage of) and threatened to use executive action to ban “assault rifles” and “high capacity magazines” after a mass murder event if Congress didn’t act. His advisors probably pointed out this would definitely cost him a lot of votes so his threat got quietly dropped. But if he gets 4 more years he won’t have to worry about reelection again both due to current term limits which I am sure he would change if he could and his advanced age.

His 2A actions are nowhere close to perfect. At least with Biden in office I know the Republican Senators and Representatives will stand against him to protect the 2A even if it is only to protect their reelection chances. I don’t trust that they will stand against Trump when he starts acting on his long standing anti 2A beliefs. That very well could give them all the cover they need to let their true lack of support for the 2A to show. Most Republicans talk the talk about the 2A when they want our votes but very few walk the walk when they actually have a real chance to protect and affirm our rights.

I dislike Biden and his corrupt policies as much as anyone but I also see Trump as an incredibly dangerous threat to the 2A. Aside from when he has been actively running for office he has made his lack of support for the 2A very clear.

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As long as there are Billionaires controlling the government! I guess we can’t trust anyone with any of our rights!!!


These communists are relentless and will do whatever they can to make citizens helpless and vulnerable to government, dementia jo is their puppet leader with barry soetoro and soros calling the shots. I wouldn’t be surprised if they pull it off. With no explanation, they suspended all overseas sales of arms and ammunition already with no end date.


President Trump gave a speech to the NRA earlier this year, and said he will push for police indemnification (So they don’t get fired or lose their pensions when they go after thugs) (1:10:45 in the video) and nationwide reciprocity when he gets another term in office. (1:11:55)

The uncut speech in its entirety: Campaign 2024: Donald Trump Speaks at National Rifle Association Gathering |

Trump kept more promises than any other President in my memory.


I don’t know if there is an unbiased source of the percent of campaign promises kept or broken by various presidents? I just did a quick search and couldn’t find any.

All I know is that while President he passed no laws to support the 2A, took several actions against the 2A and threatened to use executive actions to ban “assault weapons” and “high capacity” magazines. So I don’t trust anything he says regarding the 2A. He also added about $8 trillion dollars in debt in just 4 years so I have no faith that he won’t continue to drive our country even deeper into bankruptcy.

I find the Heritage Foundation to be an excellent source of information. Their analysis; on the whole, President Trump did more to further the cause of 2nd Amendment rights than hinder them:

Considering that President Trump has been attacked by all sides, EVERY SINGLE DAY since he came down the escalator, he fulfilled MANY of his promises, did more than any other president in my lifetime, and STILL continues to fight for our Country at enormous personal cost. THAT’s a LEADER.

With regards to the National Debt, NO ONE can fix this, it’s that simple. About 4 trillion of that debt went toward keeping us afloat during covid.


Due to government imposed shutdowns and restrictions imposed by the people allowed by Trump to mishandle the situation. Even if you only hold him responsible for 4 Trillion that is still an outrageous amount of deficit spending.

Yes it is a long standing problem but someone at some point is going to have to stop pretending our financial situation will magically fix itself. Cutting taxes and increasing spending is not going to solve the problem. We need to stop voting for the people who tell us what we want to hear and start finding and supporting the people who tell us what we need to hear.

We can start making the needed sacrifices now or face the much greater consequences of an uncontrolled collapse in the likely not too distant future.

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Remember, Congress mainly controls the spending. Republicans held both houses during the Trump administration. These cretins are largely responsible, and many, if not most still hold positions. As I said, President Trump had enemies on BOTH sides of the swamp, and still does.

An example of this is when Lindsey Graham came on stage to speak after Trump’s victory in South Carolina. Graham was essentially booed off the stage. He’s a two faced, fence straddling career politician. We’re on to many of these RINOS now. President Trump now has hindsight he didn’t possess while in office. I hope he uses it fully.


I know I am mostly alone in my opinion here but I see Trump as the ultimate RINO. Before he decided to run for President as a Republican most of his stated positions were anti 2A, pro Obama Care and pro abortion. While president he did very little in support of the 2A and opened the flood gates to almost all of Biden’s anti 2A actions by setting the precedent of weaponizing the ATF against bump stocks. He threatened to use executive action to pass Biden’s wet dream goals of “assault weapon” and “high capacity” magazine bans. He also didn’t do a whole lot of pushing against Obama Care or abortion.

Yes Congress has significant power, though the misuse of executive actions has shifted a lot of power to the Presidency over the last couple of decades. I would argue that Trump has more sway over Republican politicians than any other President in recent memory. They are all afraid of alienating his core voter base because they are needed to have any chance to make it through the Republican primaries. Trump is a master of the bully pulpit at least when it comes to motivating core Republican voters and intimidating Republican politicians.

The ATF had already gone rogue before President Trump got there. They’re the ones that banned bump stocks without any authority to do so. The ban was deemed unconstitutional, by the 5th circuit appeals court.


The ATF banned bump stocks after Trump signed a memorandum directing his justice department to get them banned. It was under his direct authority that the action was taken.

Hopefully SCOTUS will find this weaponization of the ATF by Trump and all the following actions directed by Biden to be unconstitutional. But we will have to wait years and likely suffer through countless other infringements before we will see if that is the case.


Congress has the power of the purse, not the president. The president cannot determine the budget or sign for more national debt. But the idiots in congress can, and do. If we want to fix the national debt disaster, we have to get people in congress who actually care about it, not just talk about it and then “spend like they’re in congress”.

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