Gun Owners Could Decide Election

According to Oxford Political Professor Mark Joslyn, gun owners may be the deciding block of voters in the 2020 election. President Trump is strong defender of the 2nd Amendment. He has appointed Judges to the bench that respect our 2nd Amendment. He backs our police and policies that support law enforcement.
On the other hand, the Democrats candidates for President and Vice President have made campaign promises that we should be concerned about. Biden has promised to appoint Democrat Beto O’Rouke to head his National Gun Policy. O’Rouke has called for mandatory buy backs and gun bans. Kamala Harris said she will sign an executive order for mandatory background checks, and if the Congress doesn’t take action on guns, she will sign an executive order to ban all assault weapons. Everytown ( a nonprofit that advocates for Gun Control) tweeted that Harris knows that racist STAND YOUR GROUND laws make communities less safe , particularly for black and brown men. Biden failed to condemn the Antifa rioters and arsonist until CNN reported that by not doing so Biden was hurting his campaign. Biden called Antifa, an idea at the last debate. So if you rarely vote don’t sit this election out. Support Trump, the other Republican candidates or you’ll see your gun rights starting to evaporate. We will have another 4 years of Pelosi investigations, trying to stack the Supreme Court and change the electoral college. The Democrats believe if you can’t win, change the rules. In Wisconsin, go to myvote, to register and get absentee ballot. has a website of the different states voters requirements. Absentee ballots should be requested as soon as possible and mailed back no later than October 27th. Election Day-- November 3rd


Isn’t hypothetical VP Kamala jumping the “gun” there? With only a few exceptions the President issues executive orders.


Well, I personally, believe old Joe is the face they are slapping up there to get a Progressive into the White House and then Joe will “retire”. So I think Kamala made a Freudian slip there.


If we vote, we win! If we make excuses then there is only us to blame. All freedoms are on the line right now. The left despises the Constitution and Bill of Rights. Forget their words, they mean nothing, look at their actions. VOTE!




God help us all if we loose the presidency and the Senate. WE CAN’T LET HARRIS BECOME PRESIDENT!


Cause if the biden fluke would take place he’ll step down an she’ll be able to empty the pen drawer on executive orders. That is how im seeing it.


Harris was also caught already saying in a Harris administration.


She said this at a Debate when she was running for President, that she would sign the Executive order banning assault rifles. But if Biden is elected, she’ll be running the show.


That’s why Pelosi is trying to set up this 25th amendment comity so if Biden wins they can say THEN his mind is not capable of making decisions “which it is already now” then they will put Harris in as President! They are already planning this if Biden wins, so yes everyone needs to register and THEY THEN NEED TO VOTE! My wife is 64 never registered to vote in her life, but she decided it was time, so there is one more NEW Republican Registered voter. Just find 1 person who is not registered to register AND VOTE, or we will see our rights go down the drain!!


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This site should not be used for political purposes

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How about when it is factual? One Party wants to take away the very items this organization discusses the other does not. Gun owners should decide. Should we just ignore this FACT or just wait until it is law!


There is no such thing as a gun ‘buy back’ program/initiative or however you want to word it. Do NOT buy into that lame stream media line of BS. The government did not buy my AR for me - I bought it with my hard earned dollars and for some pig headed, idiotic bureaucrat thinking they can use the Fifth Amendment to compensate me for something that is my right under the Second Amendment shows just how retarded these career politicians really are.


I do agree that this site shouldn’t be used for political agendas, but I will throw in my 2 cents on this one. Personally, I don’t trust any politician and don’t “belong” to any political party, but I do vote for who I believe will best represent me and represent our great country, with the values and ideas that this country was founded on. Our Second Amendment rights are guaranteed, but with every Presidential election time, there is “someone just waiting to abolish” and take that right away. I have heard it time and time again.
Politicians follow the money trail that lobbyists throw at them and Trump is no exception. On his bid for President, he did say that he would pass legislation for ALL states to allow their residents to carry…and that hasn’t happened. Guess he didn’t get enough money thrown into the fight, right?
Background checks? I am for that, 100%. Now, we do know that over 95% of crimes committed with a weapon is NOT legally owned by the perpetrator…but through background checks, some people who are not responsible citizens and who should not own a weapon, were not allowed to make a purchase…and that is good. I bought my weapons (and got background checked every time), took my required state handgun safety class, paid my fee for my concealed carry permit, was fingerprinted…and I carry frequently. I am a law abiding citizen of this country, and am proud of my Second Amendment right!
Do your part in this election and VOTE! And realize that there are a ton of extremely important issues at stake…as for taking away my Second Amendment rights, it won’t happen.


And how many times does it take to prove you are not the problem? How much time, money, and effort is expended on the law-abiding proving they are not the problem? I am quite certain that I have been photographed, fingerprinted, and had my background checked several times more than most felons have. Has that made you, me, or anyone else safer? Hell, no! Background checks are BS. If they worked, why would we read about felons committing crimes with firearms?

Clyde Barker stole at least several automatic weapons from a US military armory well before UBC laws and licensing - that did not prevent him from stealing those weapons, but you believe a background check would have stopped his theft and ensuing crimes and violence?


Just when you thought you had enough to worry about. I had heard Kelly was weaseling his way into politics. :angry: I guess the bloomberg and soros money is too tempting.


I think by far, although funneled through a million channels, is the CCP. Nothing surprises me any more, the fight against the current president truly opened my eyes and attention.


Wandering little bit were these guys are !

I respect everyone’s opinions here, but with God’s Good Graces, I hope it never happens, that anyone
has to face one of life’s dark allies alone.

Thank you

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