He is expected to speak beginning at 4:15 pm.
Watch live here:


Did he confirm that he no longer wishes to deny all 18, 19, and 20 year olds their Right to arms?

Any word on bump stocks?


Think bigger picture. You won’t have to worry about ANY of your rights with another Biden installation.


I like worrying about my 2A Rights and I’m hesitant of any politician who has a proven track record of coming after them

And there are more than two choices at the moment

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If you are talking about Kennedy, you are not seeing clearly my friend.


Right now I’m only talking about Trump since that’s the topic of the thread.

And, it’s May, so we have a lot more POTUS possibilities than a rematch of Biden’s last win

So you actually believe Biden won then. I see.


Okay, I’ll rephrase

It’s May, so we have a lot more POTUS possibilities than [a rematch of the presidential election in which, as a result, Biden was elected president the last time it was Biden vs Trump]

If you believe Bidens reign is legitimate, we can just move along to a different topic. We have vastly different views on the state of the union.


The way I see it is simply this….in my neck of the woods if a house or truck is displaying a political flag it’s for Trump. If for any reason Trump was not the candidate I firmly believe these people would not bother voting. They’d figure this election like may others had been rigged do why bother. I base this on a number of conversations I’ve had with people. If Trump is not on the ballot, his replacement will be “one of them” so why bother. This may not be correct, but it’s the way a lot of people feel. We’re not looking for perfection, but the lesser of the evils.


He banned bumpstocks and denied 2A rights to military age citizens. Then he led an insurrection. Lock him up!

Thanks for the heads-up. I did not know this!

I have no doubt about Trump’s position on the 2A either, so no, I am not getting over it. Aside from when he is running for president he is quite clearly anti 2A. He made that clear before he decided to run as a Republican and he made it very clear while he was at the White House/playing golf in Mara Largo.

To my mind he is just as big of a threat to the 2A if not bigger. Most of the Republicans who pretend to be pro 2A will stand up against Biden’s anti 2A proposals for political pandering reasons. But once Trump is in office and doesn’t have to worry about pandering to his base any more I doubt those same Republicans will stand in Trump’s way after the next mass shooting where he will again threaten to unilaterally impose an “assault” weapon and “high” capacity magazine ban if Congress doesn’t pass a law doing so.


Welcome to the community @Patricia35

He did indeed unconstitutionally ban bump stocks which set the precedent Biden is using to mount all of his attacks against the 2A. Trump also probably still wants to ban military age citizens from owning “assault” weapons but hasn’t done so yet and won’t have the chance to actually do so until he gets reelected.

The led an insurrection part is a lot more questionable and a big legal stretch in my opinion. I think there is an argument that he has likely committed other crimes. I feel that in a just world he and Biden should be sharing a jail cell where they can spend the rest of their days comparing the size of their hands and arguing over which one of them has groped the most women without their permission. Instead we are going to get one of them as president again. The assault against the 2A will continue either way.


Biden regime is shredding the ENTIRE Constitution (Which is where the 2nd amendment resides) and has intentionally destroyed our sovereignty. He’s making the dollar worthless. He’s selling access to his office to foreign entities. He’s aiding & abetting our enemies, and throwing allies under the bus. He’s persecuting a political opponent with lawfare during an election cycle. He ignores the Supreme Court decision that says buying votes via loan forgiveness is unconstitutional. He May 27, he plans to cede binding power and authority to the WHO over control of any pandemic response or “health emergency” without any congressional supermajority approval. The strategic petroleum reserve has been depleted to the lowest level in history so he could artificially keep oil prices low during election season. Our military morale has been severely compromised. He botched an Afghanistan withdrawal, and our people died. Law enforcement is being gutted. Death to America is being chanted at universities across the country.

I could go on and on, but suffice it to say that we have a MUCH bigger problem than what President Trump represents. To ignore what is going on around the country every day is moral negligence.


And since it is not yet May 27, we have more POTUS possibilities than the same two guys who faced off four years ago when Biden became President the first time

Sure, but how much would you be willing to bet on it?
(suspect it is cents not dollars)

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He DID NOT “lead an insurrection”. If the people that were present at a political rally/protest wanted to overthrow the government, they as a demographic are the most heavily armed and capable in the world. Not even one of them had a firearm. There was some violence by a tiny fraction of people, still up for debate as to their loyalties/employers. Nothing like the billions in damage and hundreds of deaths during the “mostly peaceful summer of Saint Floyd”. No, they didn’t spread poop on the walls of the capitol and the President didn’t fight secret service for control of the limo.


Thanks for the “sheep meme” I will save it. Sounds like so many on here. :joy: