Ribera teen who shot, killed 17-year-old may have thought gun was unloaded

I often find the comments more revealing about people than the story. This one in particular:

And some people will actually believe this; they’ll never even do the simple mental exercise that says if there is only 1 single self-defense incident, there are a million other gun deaths.


Sixty percent of gun deaths are suicides. The Left doesn’t mention that tidbit.


I’m sure the New Mexico authorities will give this Ribera teen the exact same consideration they’re giving Alec Baldwin. :neutral_face:


Once again, another stupid, irresponsible, horrible tragedy. I really feel for all involved in this little town and within its little surrounding communities. Many are closely related and also have close friendships throughout these areas. The region is very well known to me. Irresponsibility right of the bat. No adult supervision, underage drinking, unlocked firearms is a recipe for DISASTER. These are things that happen everywhere across the land. Well, let’s see what the outcome will be.

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I’m in no way saying the opposite of the above. However you have to let them out some time and let them experience life. To me the short coming was in the years prior of not teaching respect and knowledge of handling or using a gun.