Republican congressman dares Biden and Beto to 'come and take' his AR-15, and

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Enough with the alarmist pretense, Rep Stevens.


Where are all the constitutional loving Republicans!? Sure they claim pro constitution but do we see any of them restoring our constitutional rights that the demorats have taken away? No… Did you know Trump is labeled as the biggest anti gun president? No… Sure he’s done a lot and I commend him for everything he’s done but if you look you’ll see his backtracking on the 2nd amendment.
I’d love to see the Republicans reverse the laws they let the demorats get away with passing. If a rep can say try to take then that rep should be reversing everything that’s been taken away from us law abiding citizens. All they see is fortune and fame of doing nothing but let the tyrants slowly chip away our constitution. Without 2A there is no freedom only communism.

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If you look closely and the gun. THERE IS A TRIGGER LOCK ON IT. An is safe to handle. and it looks like it is some type of COMMEMORATIVE one as well. Because it has a RED, WHITE, AND BLUE paint scheme on it. And it hangs on the wall of the office. I guess as a decoration piece.

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Grandstanding for sure. To Rep. Haley Stevens :sob:you are in a building filled with fire arms and many M4s protecting you.Sheesh. :roll_eyes:

That picture hurts my eyes- make it stop…:upside_down_face: