Nothing like the anniversary of a mass shooting to bring about renewed calls for gun control

Eight years ago today, someone who never should have had access to a rifle killed over two dozen children and educators. Unbearably sad and overwhelmingly tragic, to be sure, but that does not justify coming after my lawfully owned AR-15 and however many “high capacity” magazines I may or may not possess.

On this anniversary, with the election behind us, I’ve been turning my attention to the fight that looms before us. Whether it’s billionaire Michael Bloomberg’s Everytown for Gun Safety (the union of Mayors Against Illegal Guns and Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America) or former Congresswoman Gabby Gifford’s recently launched Gun Owners for Safety (and whose husband, Mark Kelly, was sworn in as the junior Senator from AZ earlier this month), forces are amassing that are intent on gutting our Second Amendment rights.

Just two weeks ago, it was reported on the Fox News Channel that Joe Biden is considering trying to use authority granted under the National Firearms Act (NFA) of 1934 to classify any semi-automatic rifle and any rifle magazine that holds more than 10 rounds as NFA items. What would that mean? It would mean that a $200 tax would apply to each of those items. It would also mean that several pages of paperwork would have to be completed for each item in order to apply for that tax stamp, thereby “registering” those items with the federal government as NFA weapons. Fail to do so, and boom, overnight, you’re a felon. Let that sink in…if Joe Biden gets his way and you have an AR-15 and ten 30-round magazines, which you have lawfully possessed for years, if you don’t complete mountains of paperwork and cough up $2,200 to the BATFE, you risk massive fines, years in federal prison and the loss of your “privilege” to ever possess a firearm again.

Now, I’m not quite ready to “storm the Bastille.” I’m not even prepared to go out and actively lobby against this nonsense. I’ll leave that to the fine organizations with the infrastructure to do so, like the Second Amendment Foundation, the NRA-ILA, and Concerned Citizens for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms (all of which folks like us should support).

What I am prepared to do is “Fly the Flag!” And I hope you are, too. Whether that means sticking something on your car, hanging something on your wall, or pulling something on over your head and proudly wearing it in public, I want ways of saying to the 2A haters and the gun grabbers, “We know what you want to do. We are serious about defeating you. And…WE…ARE…MANY.”

That’s where comes in. It’s nothing fancy, just a little website I put together to give folks who think like I do a few ways to “Fly the Flag!” Right now, I only offer a couple of decals and a few sizes of a gallery-quality Second Amendment print I created, but I would also like to put a t-shirt into production, a pdf of which I wanted to attach to this message, but apparently, new posters are not allowed to upload attachments (but if you go to my site’s Contact page and send me your info, I’d be happy to share my t-shirt design with you).

So, all I ask of each of you, my fellow USCCA members, is to please check out the website and let me know what you honestly think. And please know, criticism is welcome, as I’d like to know if I’ve totally missed the mark. If, however, you think I’m onto something, I’d sure appreciate your support, either by grabbing some of my items for yourselves or loved ones (maybe as a Christmas gift), or by passing this post along to all of the gun guys and gun gals in your life. And if anyone from the USCCA is reading this, I’d sure appreciate it if you’d consider offering some of my items on the USCCA’s gear page.

Stay safe, be well-armed and Merry Christmas to all!

They already used the unconstitutional 1934 NFA to declare a ‘bump stock’ as a prohibited item and one that makes a semi-automatic into an automatic… which is contrary to the actual law.

A semi-automatic requires a trigger operation including a reset for each shot fired…
A machinegun or automatic fires continuously with one operation of the trigger.

A bump stock increased the rate of fire, but it still required one trigger operation including reset for each shot fired.

They violated the law to add bump stocks to the prohibited list.

But then, Gorsuch also altered a law and redefined a word, in the 1964 Civil Rights act, the word ‘sex’ was used, meant, and known to mean, male and female… and it has now been redefined to mean sexual orientation and gender identity… when that should have been done by legislation.

If we did not stand against illegal and unconstitutional acts by the ATFE and the Supreme Court, do you expect the people to actually stand for any of their rights?

Complacency and submission are the words of the day.


You are preaching to the choir, brother, and you are factually spot on with regard to bump stocks. Thank you for your reply. But, we’re the good guys, right? We tout ourselves as law abiding gun owners. The other side is clearly willing to ignore the law. But what do we do? What does “stand for any of their rights” mean practically, in the context of the current fight?

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Well, I’d assert that they won by a cheat-slide, especially in the unsolicited, mail-in ballot states. And I agree with what you’re saying. But what does bravado-inspired action look like, especially if we treasure the high ground of being on the right side of the law? And as a brief follow-up to Kevin29’s comment above about the unlawful reclassification of bump stocks as banned items, how many people do you actually know who surrendered them? Maybe Molon Labe is alive and well, albeit quietly.


Well said on all counts - it sure feels like playing by the rules gets you nowhere. And yeah, I do think the other side is wiping their a$$e$ with the Constitution. But for the first time in my nearly 51 years of life, we now have a solid conservative majority on the SCOTUS (and that’s 5-4, by the way, as Roberts has clearly and fully embraced the dark side). I’m still going to keep the faith that Right will prevail.


Nothing new here, this has been Biden’s agenda along with the rest of his gang of misfit democrats and some republicans from the start, everything they are doing that involves 2A is unconstitutional, as far as the tax stamp goes, well ole sniffing Joe can tax this, and I don’t have to tell you what that is, but there is one thing that you didn’t mention, ole Joe wants to have a government buy back, will guess what, the government never owned them, and you can’t buy back something you never owned, it’s called confiscation, and that’s just crazy, but somebody will comply so they can get their picture in the paper and look dumb, all of the ideas that are totally unattainable have got to pass congress, and if it does, people will not comply, so if someone has a better idea, lets hear it, I’m all ears.