President Biden's Broken Messages

Biden is still desiring seeking to ban AR, AK, and any firearm that exceeds 2000 fps velocity, Magazines
that are 10 rounds and larger. We will have sell back to the FEDS, on by back, (that is a bad idea), or
REGISTER our firearms to his data base that he newly developed. Our firearms be taken away by force
and that sounds like the 2nd amendment breached to the maximum.

Also, there are some false companies trying to make big dollars in selling lies, threats, fear, and
false information to everyone they can. FRAUD !!!

Anyone have a thoughts or comments, Please.

How do you sell back to, or do a buy back on an item you never sold in the first place?


Federal Government appoint by Biden.


Anti-gun organizations have revealed their frustration with Joe Biden’s failure to follow-through on promises he made during his campaign about implementing more national gun control.

Four leading civilian disarmament groups – Guns Down America March For Our Lives Newtown Action Alliance Survivors Empowered – sent a letter to the president in which they call on him to “establish an Office of Gun Violence Prevention,” “unveil a comprehensive strategy and proactive plan for pursuing your legislative agenda on gun reform,” and “use the presidential bully pulpit to talk to Americans about the risks and dangers of firearm ownership…”

Politico published a copy of the letter, which says, in part: “You ran on one of the strongest gun violence prevention platforms in American history, promising to pursue a bold agenda that broadly resonated with voters, particularly young people, across the country… we celebrate [your critical actions on other issues], they fall significantly short of the promises you yourself made while running for the presidency.”

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Teresa Mull

Teresa Mull
Editor |

“Upgrade Your Gear, Not Your Budget”

September 4th, 2021

With a stroke of his pen, Joe Biden may soon make many guns you already own ILLEGAL in an instant.

All it takes is one Executive Order.

Who should be worried?

Anyone who owns…

  • Modern assault rifles (AR-15, AR-308, etc.)
  • Guns with high-capacity magazines (10 rounds or more)
  • Any firearms with muzzle velocity over 2000 fps

If you own any of these, you’ll only have 2 choices :

  1. Register those guns in Biden’s new Nationwide Firearm Registry. OR…
  2. Allow the Feds to “buy back” those guns.

Choice #3
Non compliance!


Thank you, just asked for help and understanding.

Sorry Mr. Fed but all my guns were lost or destroyed because of their bad intentions to go off by themselves. Sarcasm off now. Any law or executive order that is unconstitutional is mute the moment it is written. You can’t ban guns with the stroke of a pen on an executive order. You can’t make lawfully owned guns illegal just because. Or because someone is scared of them. If a person doesn’t want to have a firearm then that’s their choice just like it’s mine to have them. This is America where individuals make choices for themselves and as long as those choices don’t interfere with others making their individual choices then all is good.


I’m sure anything that remotely looks like that if it passes will go straight to SCOTUS


If the government wants to buy any of my firearms they will have to first go through a FEDERAL BACKGROUND CHECK AND FILL OUT ALL PAPER WORK. AND PASS IT. And we all know that they won’t pass one.


And they will cost 3 times what I paid for them, supply and demand.:wink: