Reports of another Shooting

“Biden Reacts To ‘Devastating’ Colorado Springs Deadly Shooting"

No matter where a shooting has happened and that
People have lost their life is painful and tragic.

The tragedy that has happened could of been prevented
by never being in that place that people have died and
were injured.

Our Gun Laws have been Posted and Legally
we can not carry in places that are selling alcohol and that business establishment is licensed to sell legally
any alcohol, but people still carry a firearm for protection and consumes alcohol that can impair their
senses and make operating any weapon, even a pocket knife or any firearm, that mistake will bring Deadly

The incident listed above is now being used to Target our Gun Rights and Biden, The Democrats, The Left,
what ever you may call Washington DC, are seeking to destroy everyone’s Constitutional Rights and Freedoms.

Criminals, once again will never follow any Laws that are written and they walk throughout life disregarding
any and all gun laws; any written laws.

Question: How can you respectfully fight dirty and
ban Biden and his destruction, illegal, and abusive
Government / Communist ways. Criminals disregard all the laws and can careless who they destroy???

Once again, people have died in this new shooting and
Gun Laws did not stop the hatred and killings.

May these people find help in their hard times of loosing love ones in the deadly shooting above.


Man allegedly pulls gun on Wendy’s employee after not getting sauce with his meal

Wendy’s employees closed the drive-thru and called 911 after he allegedly drew a gun over a missing sauce packet

Wendy’s Restaurant Shooting and you will find it hard
to find answers to this nightmare, but why?


Liberals in LE in 2021: “Bomb threat? Lets drop charges and seal records”

Liberals in 2022: “Bomb threat guy murdered with a long gun! Ban assault rifles!”

As logical and sane, as the cheif law enforcer in the country.


The new protected class. If this had happened in Chicago at a Black nightclub it wouldn’t make page three. lightfoot would shrug it off. pritzker wouldn’t even acknowledge it happened
and biden wouldn’t even hear about it. :roll_eyes: