Start at 20 seconds in..AWESOME woman questions BETO O'ROURKE


And yet again Bozo Beto uses the 40,000 gun deaths a year stat has has been DEBUNKED so many times it isn’t funny any more. Because they keep adding SUICIDES. And they don’t tell you how many times guns are used in self-defense or to stop a crime. Well here is a stat on that fact.



She’s my hero! I am still trying to figure out how adding a few more gun laws to the thousands of “common sense” gun laws already on the books are going to change anything.


Her name is Lauren Bieber’s. She, and her husband Jason, own Shooters Restaurant, in Rifle, Colorado. The waitresses are not only allowed, but encouraged, to openly carry loaded firearms while they serve up your meal. I wonder if this is a franchise restaurant🤔?


about 1:35 in…

Lauren: “I don’t have my AR today, I have my Glock”
Beto: “oh, you shouldn’t have that either.”



Fixed that for you.


Which tells you he will not limit his confiscation plan to semi auto rifles. He is after ALL guns!


@Zee @MikeBKY You see it’s not just Robert Francis Beto O’Rourke he’s not going to be the nominee by polling at 1.5% but the opposition party wants our guns and wants to suck our Hope and love of country out of the air. If you’re familiar with a man named Mark Levin who is with Fox but he is not a regular. It’s his contention that the opposition party is not just committed to destroying Trump, he believes that the opposition party is so vehemently mad at We the electorate, us Voters because we voted overwhelmingly Trump that they want to teach us a lesson and take out Trump because in their minds we’re crazy and the “Swamp” isn’t going away. Yet they’re out to destroy this presidency.


I know it’s not just Beto, They all want to disarm all Americans. My point is that at least Beto is honest enough to say what he really plans as opposed the rest of the swamp who, for now, just want to bite at 2A one piece at a time.


@MikeBKY. Oh I know Mike, it just that Beto let that cat come out of the bag using the old cat once again. Wow I think he must hate that bag :joy:


@MikeBKY The anti-gunners are all over this disarm-everyone-but-us agenda and the club rules are:

  1. Tell them it’s about Saving The Children.
  2. Tell them we’re doing it For Their Own Good.
  3. Never Never Admit What We’re REALLY Up To.

You know that kid who you don’t want to let into the club because he just can’t keep a secret? The one who just blabs everything he hears?

Beto is THAT kid.

The rest of the club is running as far from him as they can, or trying to stuff a sock in his mouth.

His “Oh, you shouldn’t have that either” was SO fast it had to be knee-jerk… it’s that moment when what you think just come flying out before you have a chance to filter it. I find it one of the most telling moments of his whole campaign.


I don’t immediately recall her name but her and the husband own the restaurant in Rifle, CO and she didn’t back down from neither Beto or the gallery of people ostracism (I won’t say crowd, looks like they paid people to go there in my opinion) but she held her position well. She made Beto look like a BetaBoy. She put a face on how honest law abiding gun owners look. Honestly what has happened to men over the past generation and a half. They are not men anymore. I was out last Christmas season with my wife and the two at the table behind us young woman and man well he discovered that she had Concealed Carry license and he actually said that she would have to protect him if something happened. I just don’t know what happened to men and the protective instinct. It can’t all be blamed on Feminism.


I really like the manner in which she addresseds the subject… mainly calmly and reasonably… AND I like Beto giving her the space and telling folks let her have her say… could have gone way worse!


Let’s start with the fact that 2/3 of those “gun deaths” are suicides and taking guns away isn’t going to stop suicides.

They also make no distinction between murders and lawful homicides.

We have about 15,000 murders in the US annually, about 9000 of them will be committed with firearms, and 90% of those will be committed by people who cannot lawfully own or possess a firearm.

Nationwide over half of all murders and violent crimes over all are committed by gangs. In some jurisdictions that’s as high as 85-95% of the violent crime.

When we look at mass shootings over half of them are committed by people that never should have had access to a firearm to start with that either obtained them illegally or somehow slipped through the system with their ineligibility not being reported to NICS at all, or improper information provided or entered into the system.

When it comes to firearms, handguns are used in over 2/3 of all gun related homicides with rifles of any kind being used in about 4% and the evil “assault weapons” used in only about .001% overall.

If there was actually a serious effort to reduce gun related crimes we know where to start, start with the gangs, convicted felons, and mentally ill.

Get those under control and our violent crime rate falls far below that of the European countries the anti gun left keeps telling us we need to emulate.

Restricting the rights of the law abiding isn’t about reducing crime, it’s about depriving us of our rights and making us ever more dependent on gov’t for every aspect of our lives including our own personal defense.


She’s right of course. We won’t enforce the laws already on the books so that’s the point of adding more?

How about we fully enforce the existing laws for a decade, see what that does for the homicide rate and then consider what more is actually needed.

Target the gangs and drugs and we’ve already solved more than half the problem.

Additionally start getting the mentally ill evaluated and adjudicated and those who can be off the streets into supervised care and we’ve taken care of about 90% of the violent crime in the US.