Reduced NFA Wait Times?

I thought it was just clickbait, but I’ve spoken with two dealers and they tell me wait times for NFA transfers have plummeted down to mere weeks, days in some cases.

I just got approved for .22 suppressor after 132 days and now I’m looking at something for my shotgun. Squirrel season just started :slight_smile:

Anybody else seeing this?


I’m not seeing that nor am I looking at where I might see it.

But, in regards to NFA wait times, I can promise you this:

No matter what, the best way to get your stamp back sooner is to buy/submit the form immediately. Can’t really go wrong with just pulling the trigger


Try this link:


Yes, it seems that wait times for NFA transfers have indeed decreased significantly according to multiple dealers. Many are reporting turnaround times of mere weeks, even days in some instances. I recently experienced this myself, receiving approval for a .22 suppressor after just 132 days. With squirrel season underway, it’s the perfect time to explore options for enhancing your shotgun setup.

eform times have been dropping pretty rapidly. eform 1s have been comming back in as little as 6-7 days. have seen quite a few eform 4s comming back at the 5-6 month mark, which isnt stellar, is a lot better than a year it was 2 years ago. Im also seeing reports of people that already have NFA stamps getting form 4s back quicker. no idea if thats honestly true beyond anecdotal instances

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