NFA Trust Vs. Corporation

I’m looking into the NFA process and I’ve seen that you can purchase and complete the process as an individual, Trust or Corporation/Buisiness. I’ve seen plenty of info about trusts vs individual, but I have come up with nothing about doing it as a corporation.
Are there any benefits to going the corporation route as opposed to as a trust or individual?
Opinions and sources both welcome!

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I have played the game a handful of times as an individual simply because the wait time is shorter. That said, I have still waited an average of 11 months since submitting the paperwork. Take note if you look at the wait times that the clock does not start till the ATF cashes your check, which normally takes 30 days. So real wait time is look at average time and add a month. I will move to a trust at some point, and I know it will be the cost of new tax stamps, but I was able to take possession sooner.

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