Red gun

I was standing at my window which was opened and I was practicing shooting my red gun laser at distances. My neighbor across the parking lot came over and was irate. He said how did he know it was not a real gun and I had had a mental breakdown and I was not going to shoot him.
I reassured him but I have to be more careful and practice shooting in my house. If he thought it was a real gun someone else may just shoot me


Many in the anti self defense crowd would probably mistake a super soaker for an AR these days. But there are a lot of different colored real firearms out there now and even though I am familiar with SIRT pistols I would likely go on alert if I saw someone pointing one around their home. At least until I confirmed they were just practicing.

Though my neighbor has an air gun shooting range in his backyard and the kids occasionally run around the neighborhood conducting airsoft wars so I’m not sure anyone would look twice around here. Still I practice inside with my blinds closed even though most my neighbors know I dry fire practice:)


I’m a little slow. Is this a laser on a “red gun”, or a red laser on a gun?


I can see both sides of this to be honest. On one hand, I have every right to do whatever I want inside my house, but if I notice through a window someone pointing what looks to be a firearm in their house, it may catch my attention and who knows if someone is in the house and in danger? I may be inclined to call authorities for help.

When I do any dry fire training I make sure to not have any shades open, and when I can I do it in my basement just to be sure. A hallway can be a great place as well.

Do you have the ability to dry fire train in a room where the windows can be blocked so others can’t see it?


I do want to get shot so I will close my shades

SIRT red gun laser


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Sounds like your neighbor had some knowledge about guns. I would give him the benefit of the doubt that he meant well when he approached you.

As for me, I make it a point I don’t advertise, even accidentally.

If someone outside my home saw a laser pointed from inside, it’s intentional.


I remember, once upon a time, when a certain idiot PFC and several of his buddies thought it would be fun to point our lasers at a certain platoon sergeant through a window. We did not get the reaction we expected. Since that time, I’ve always been much more careful with lasers.


What was that old movie that had national guard soldiers shooting blanks at the cajiens (sp?) in the swamps in LA? They, the locals, came back and wiped out that platoon.

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Cajuns (yes, capitalized)

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Solid plastic training guns are available in blue, yellow, and red.
As it happens, SIRT training guns are red over black, with either a red or green laser.



That was “Southern Comfort” starring Powers Boothe. Good movie.
Also a good teaching on why it’s not a good idea to practice fire on people :thinking:


Yeah I try not to advertise as much as possible. Though range days make it hard because I have to pack andnunpack my target stands, rifle bag, etc.

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Outside of my house is a 12X16 sign about 40 yards away. This sign makes for a good target since it is reflective too. That makes it easy to see hits and misses. 10 rounds in ten seconds but only at curtain times will I do that. I do not do it often, but it is fun. Low light training with my SIRT.
The school yard is closed in the evening. :joy: :joy: :pleading_face: :worried: :face_with_peeking_eye:

This is timely. My kids and I were messing around the other night. They would hide and I would clear the house with my SIRT and find them. They called it “hide and SIRT.” :grin: It was a good practice exercise. They got the bright idea (pun intended) to put the SIRT laser through the peephole of the front door and see what it would do (not much). The kids wanted me to go outside in the dark with it and mess around. I think they figured out pretty quickly why that’s not a great idea.

When you get so familiar with guns that they are just an every day part of life, it’s easy to forget that not everyone sees it that way.

@Larry129 good thought-provoking post!


How about a close quarters dry fire target?

To me, this kind of sounds like you were possibly pointing a gun outside in a residential area in full view of others. If so, I would suggest not ever doing that.

(I know, it’s not a firearm, but it sure looks like one and as was mentioned above, there are a lot of real firearms that look even less real than a SIRT…and that’s when viewed up close by someone who knows)

I imagine if I saw someone pointing what sure looks like a gun out their window, I would be concerned. And it wouldn’t be me that confronted them about it


I Mantis X around my condo, in and out of room and to be honest I never gave the windows a second thought. I guess if the wrong person witnessed it they may wonder what was up. I wouldn’t confront a neighbor personally and I certainly wouldn’t call the cops unless I was sure there was something criminal going on.