Record Snow Pushing Cats into The City

We’ve had a really good snow fall in the mountains this year. One of the side effects is that it pushes the animals down into town. We’ve had a heard of Elk by the intersection, coyotes running around in Sandy and Cats everywhere. Though I strongly doubt any of these would attack a human, it has happened. I guess my point would be, we talk about defending against human attackers but not a whole lot of talk about defending against some of natures premiere fighters.


Just another reason to be armed and aware as soon as you step outside. :slightly_smiling_face:


Just over a year ago I let the dogs out and they started barking differently so I went out to see what was going on and came face to face with a cat I always carry so I grabbed my gun yelled at the dogs to get inside I guess I interrupted breakfast and it was only 5 feet from me


Good that you’re updated on what’s going on locally.

I once was very active in a forum that has a good number of hunters. Great folks who share their experiences taught me to be aware of both two- and four-legged threats.