This is long over do - We have Plenty of Cats around here

Used to be a bounty on Cats and Coyotes. Cats numbers started going down so they stopped paying us for them but now, looks like the numbers are coming back up. I like to use a 22-250 for these guys, it fast and has just enough punch…


In NM, I enjoy evening drives in the summer when camping up in the northern areas, just to check out the wildlife. I venture out west of Raton, NM towards Ted Turner’s Ranch. Late evenings, nightfall, you can see wild turkey, bear, elk, deer, and have seen a mountain lion with two lion cubs, even buffalo. Ted Turner has a very nice lodge up there in the Mountains. Huge Ranch.


I hate cats. My wife is terrified of bears ,we have both black and griz but they usually leave you alone but cats are sneaky and will hunt you. Two years ago I let the dogs out one morning and they started barking differently so I went out to see what was going on and came face to face with a cat about 5 feet from me I grabbed my gun which I always carry and screamed at the dogs got them back into the house the whole time eyes locked with the cats eyes. I had interrupted breakfast I guess. Did I say that I HATE cats.


I used to play hide-n-go-seek with one, rub her tummy, she would give me kisses everyday after work.:sunglasses:


We are talking about cats not cougars :grin:


Mountain Lion​:wink::grinning:


Those aren’t the cougars I hunt.



Cougars are much more fascinating and easier on the eye.


I do think the population of mountain lions, bobcats and coyotes has increased in my state and outside the cities. I live in the 'burbs and we have a coyote that roams the neighborhood to hunt rabbits. He is well known enough to be called “Bob” by my neighbors, who have caught him on camera. My first sighting was 2 years ago when I first moved in. It was night and Bob was staring me down in the driveway until I turned around, then he ran off.



There is a place i like to go camping, cougars like to come into the campground at night…

One year, while tent camping, we had at least 1 visit throughout the night, my GF at the time ended staying up all night as they were outside the tent…

The van campers across from us, apparently saw the show and took off middle of the night…

I went to bed… as long as they stay outside the tent, no worries, if they try and come in the tent, a few shots might just encourage them to drop in place for the ranger to come pick them up in the morning…

They say, in Oregon, we have a large over population…

They dont seem to like to bother me when I’m out and about… None have come close enough to be considered a threat, besides those who visit at night outside the tent…

If I had pets or children to watch out for, then things would be different.

These days, going out in the woods I pack for 4 legged threats, usually with the 44mag and 10mm, or the 10mm and 9mm…


I have bobcats that regularly prowl around my house in Colorado @ 9,700’. I see them regularly on my game cameras. We named one pair Gracie and Oscar. Gracie has had a couple kits.

While Gracie and Oscar probably ate a couple of my house cats, I would never hunt them. They are part of the ambiance of my rural mountain life.


I have seen examples of bobcats breeding with domesticated cats. Oscar may have ate your cat, or he may have mate your cat. If you see what looks like a very large house cat, it might be part bobcat.

I once looked up having a pet bobcat. I just liked the idea of having a cat who was a big as the neighbor’s dog. But there were so many rules and restrictions that I just gave up. I’d wager I’m better off for it. :wink: