Wildlife - We've talked about this before

We really are having an infestation of cats, having mountains and forest/rangeland on both sides of Salt Lake it’s bound to happen. We build into their habitat and then complain when we run into them.


A 70-year old man who’s in denial about his limitations :thinking:


Always thought cougars were looking for younger men.


That’s the Turkey Vulture. Still has the energy to hunt, but not able to take down the prey :rofl:


I read the title and went a totally different direction.


And if they’re lucky, they’ll get caught by one.


Speaking as a 71 year old man --those limitations are hard to accept.


Only 63 here, but feel like I’m aging in dog years lately. Still trying to live in the state of denial, but think I’m getting evicted.


If a cougar has attacked someone the cougar had already seen the person and has plotted 100 ways to take the person down and where it was going to eat them. As a surprise attack predator, it will be fast and furious.



Do not get me started on that fairy tale movie! :fairy:t3:


I’m (62) but feel like I am (162) after a ‘Head-on’ collision with a speeding/red light running fool (2) weeks ago… Last night I went to let my dogs out to pee and there was a Coyote hanging out on my 8’ wall. Just chillin’ in the 55 degree evening… I have a ‘back-up’ AR by the back doors but still can’t shoulder it yet! So I did the only thing I could think of and got my stew pot and a wooden spoon and made a ruckus (half-assed) ! He sauntered away unimpressed but left. I won’t shoot him/her it’s their land we are encroaching on their hunting grounds right @ the edge of the vast Mesa . I usually have my sidearm on/near but I can’t seem to muster the energy lately to carry in my house for awhile… Lesson learned, I will shoot if they attack my Shepherds ! But I always go out and have a look around first before I turn them loose. This situation proved why that is a sensible plan. I won’t just open the door and let them run. I feel that’s irresponsible. (for me) The Coyote’s I’m not to concerned with they won’t go after my kids. .they prefer rabbits, prairie dogs, house cats…my guys are huge. It’s the Big cats we have roaming around that will attack our dogs no matter what size they are. They have NO FEAR! Unfortunately they will have to be killed if that happens. I have no problem shooting a (2) legged vermin, Been there done that many times but I don’t have that same ease @ throwing lead @ these beautiful animals. I’m not a hunter, but if I needed to feed the family that’s a totally different story but for now I just hope we can co-exist for a little while longer… I just try to use that Situational Awareness in all of my actions…Don’t go to stupid places @ stupid times and do stupid things and I won’t win stupid prizes…