Recommendation needed for EDC bag

I have a kydex holster and mag holders from Vedder Holsters and I’ve found a belly band that I can use for me and my wife about 2 years ago but my wife does not like it because it’s uncomfortable for her and she does not carry most of the time. Are there any recommendations for EDC bags that open quickly and can hold a kydex holster?

She has a PK380

I’ve found a few bags but she says they are too bulky like a backpack and she doesn’t want a fanny pack.


Have you looked at Viktos?

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IMO if this bag is to carry, among any other things, the pistol, it should probably be one of the near-ubiquitous cross body/sling bags in style. Nothing like a backpack, always carried up front and cross body (one side over shoulder other side under arm) with the gun-containing portion front and center.

Have either of you tried various belt holsters, either at/behind the hip or even AIWB, for the gun itself?


Give Gun Toten Mamas a look (

There’s a wide array of styles to choose from with many being available on Amazon (sometimes at a lower price point )than direct from manufacturer. Their shoulder straps have a cable in them to prevent the strap from being cut.

I’ve gotten my wife a couple of over the shoulder purses/pocketbooks over the past few years from them. She likes them enough to be a repeat offender for purchases.


If the lack of comfort is caused by the wide stretch fabric belly belt feeling like a girdle or causing a heat build up, at least consider the PHLster Enigma. Watch the many videos on their site and supporting ones over on YouTube, and check in on their FaceBuck group, to get a pretty complete picture of how it works and tips on comfort before you invest in one.

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Life often involves tradeoffs.

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Try here: