Range training pictures and ideas


Just wanting to post pics from the range, that way we can look at each other’s and bounce ideas for dialing groups in


90 rounds with my AR after readjusting sights
Yes it’s mostly high but that’s set up intentionally… 50yrd range- about 1.5 in above= figuring I’m good out to 250-300 yrds…

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Great idea for a topic, @Tankrachet86! Are you shooting lefty or righty? and why are you intentionally setup high?

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I’m a lefty… and I don’t intentionally aim high… the light blue circle in center chest is obvious your 10 ring, dedication location to aim… But, I shoot at basically a 50meter range, so I adjust my sights to shoot high at 50 meters… I do this so if I am put in a position where I have to grab my rifle on the way out my door, i dont have to try and focus for a head shot to hit the torso… by adjusting my sights high at 50 I can cheat it so when i engage a target at 250 meters lets say i should be about a 1/4th inch off… either north or south of Point of Aim

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Another important note, my buddy I was shooting with also has a AR… he spent about 90 extra dollars setting his rifle up so a lefty could use it… but then saw my rifle is standard for a right hander… so for any left handers in the crowd… try to use as many right handed weapons as you can… then in a real life combat scenario you will be better off…

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Why is it better for a lefty to shoot right?


Not necessarily shoot right handed… but use right handed weapons… if you look at any weapons meant for left handers they are usually more expensive A… and B… 90% of the people on earth are right handed, for a lefty (like me) it works to you advantage to learn to operate all weapons systems wether they are left or right handed…

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Oh I see. I’m a right handed shooter but apparently left eye dominant. My only issue is that I can’t shoot a rifle left handed because it feels really weird and I just can’t quite get my head to see down the sights. But I’ll shoot my pistol right-handed while using my left eye. That seems to work.

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Cross-eye dominant isn’t an unusual thing, Luke! Check out a video Beth Alcazar did on the subject:

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I dug through my personal Facebook photo archive and found a picture of the first target I ever shot with a handgun. It was at the New Berlin Citizen’s Academy many years ago. I was shooting the officer’s Sig Sauer P229 - and he offered me a job on the spot :laughing:

We were at 15 yards I believe… it’s been a while :smiley:

And yes, I framed it because I was very proud of it and it’s a great deterrent if someone is peaking in my basement windows.


I have a photo of my last target from my CCW class. Unfortunately I never did take it home. But probably for the best since I wouldn’t know where to put it.


This target has been in storage most of the time I’ve had it. It was only in the last year or so that I’ve had a place to hang it. :slight_smile:

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No target pictures, but, the 2 guns I use at the range the most. My carry gun, and my favorite range toy Ruger GP100

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Awesome pictures @45IPAC! Love the range bag too :wink:


I got it at the Louisville expo last year. :grin:

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So glad you were able to make it to Louisville! Will we be seeing you in Pittsburg this year?

I just saw the new T-shirts on the Expo site - they’re awesome! https://www.usccaexpo.com/

Another great reason to go to the Expo! :slight_smile:

***Edit: The shirts may be available from the USCCA after the Expo, watch your email and posts here after the Expo if have shirts available!


I can’t make Pittsburgh. But I do wear last years Expo shirt on the 2nd of every month. Makes a great conversation starter

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Dawn your making mecwonder if they would hire me!! Lol


After he Expo, will the shirt be available either through the USCCA shop, or Nine Line?


Could screen shot it and send itc to my boys at Grunt Style… if they are ok with itcthat is!!