At what point do I actually decide my sights need adjusting?

I am consistently shooting about an inch to the left. Target after target at 15’ or 21’. I know it is hard without seeing me shoot but is there something I am likely doing wrong or should I actually believe my sights need adjusting. I shoot a Shield 2.0 9mm almost exclusively as I am only using range ammo for my carry gun (not shooting my full size M&P but I suppose I could take it out to compare…) I posted a target to show what I mean. Ignore the five shots furthest to the left as that was me shooting left eyed (I am right eye dominant) for practice/fun. Thanks for any advice.

Marc, I would have a buddy check your grip. and trigger finger placement. BTW are you from MN? I believe I recognize the location where you shot this target. error target


Thanks for the advice. I am indeed Minnesotan. The range I go to is a convenient 10 minute drive away from home.

Have a few expert shooters to put a few rounds through. Those results will tell you if it is you or the firearm/sights.


Good suggestions from others.

IMO, 1" left at 5 yards does seem significant enough to merit a visible check. My M2.0 was off by about that much, but the sights were visibly off from center (in my case the front sight was noticeably off center).

If you look straight down onto the top of your slide, can you tell whether the sights are centered to the slide? A pic would be helpful, but please make sure the gun is unloaded and you follow the proper safe handling techniques.

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I am about straight north of you up on hwy94. good to see locals on here.

I think I have the same issue. All of my shots seem to be going left. This is from 15 yards.

The simplest way would be to use a pistol rest, take as much of you out of the equation as you can. :+1:


Before you go adjusting the sights, try this. Doesn’t have to be an expert, just let one or two competent folks shoot. If everyone shoots left you know it’s the gun. If they don’t it’s you.

I have one pistol I consistently shoot left. I know it’s me because when I shoot really slow and pay attention it hits dead center. But i pickup the pace a little and boop left it goes…

Left and low is a common shot pattern I see from right handed shooters at the range. I am left handed and tend to shoot a little low and right at 30’ when I haven’t practiced in awhile or am pushing my speed to the limit. Improper finger placement or very slightly curling the finger over the trigger instead of pulling straight back is usually the culprit for me. One option for checking is using one of those laser bore sighters. They aren’t super precise but if you aim at a wall 20’ to 30’ away and the sights and laser are not fairly close then it could be the sites.

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Agreed, Eagan location is my club. I asked a similar question in course there because I noticed I shot more left on my compact vs full size. For me it was needing to work more on not over gripping with my shooting hand.

Maybe backstrap to trigger face distance is different on this one, or grip thickness is different, or maybe you usually shoot an SA, and this one is a DA or DA/SA?

I had the same problem until the gopher stood still.:wink:

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Saw this video yesterday and made me think about this post… I think it gives a pretty good idea of what to expect. My only disagreement is with the inherent group deviation I think he calls some of his “possible” shots a bit too liberally. Still a great video for anyone, especially those new to firearms.


I like a lot of his videos. You might also like “The Real Gunsmith” channel (Randy Selby). His website is: Randy’s Custom Rifles.

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While qualifying with the Sheriff’s SAR Posse, this happened:
The weekend before we were on a search and my horse slipped on some granite and took a fall with me on board.
Fast forward
The range master gave the command to commence firing and I rapidly put my first six rounds on target—the target on the next lane over.
The adjustable sights got knocked cattywompus during the fall, which is now why both my CCW pistols have fixed sights.

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All? Perhaps many.

Aim to the right more. That will center up the group. Don’t listen to anyone that says you have to (that is USCCA Forum for TOO) much or too little finger on the trigger.

Or, have a gunsmith move the front sight to the LEFT.

Grip. From find a buddy, adjust it.

Wrong, adjust grip. See you even suck here. :joy: :laughing: :joy: :laughing: :joy: :laughing: :joy: :laughing: :joy: :laughing: :laughing: Ok :kissing_heart:. Ask any instckta, hare. Putz, disappear.

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