RALLY THE TROOPS! John Bel Edwards Vetoed Constitutional Carry

To all my beloved friends especially in Louisiana I’m rallying the troops and we’re filing lawsuits the American firearms policy Coalition will lead the way you’re ever wants to be a plaintive please put your name below.


Well, he said he would veto it…


Can the stat legislation over rule it?

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Yes, if they have enough votes. Not holding my breath.

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Don’t give up, Gary Herbert did it us last cycle so we elected a guy this cycle, Spencer Cox, a sheep rancher from southern Utah. He signed it this year.


Thankfully our current governor is term limited, so we will get someone new next time.



He passed about every bill laid on his desk. In all actuality, he has not passed nor vetoed but today his statement was as follows, (read carefully)

“Law enforcement officers don’t like to approach a person that’s armed and ‘it’s his first time.’

He then goes on to say,
“That typically causes problems”

I have dealt with several LEO while armed, it was never a problem. Cops just don’t like surprises. I see no problem amending the proposed Constitutional Carry bill to include a requirement to inform LEO, just like the CHL holders have to now.

Heck, why not have a bill that drops the class requirement, and drops the fee for a CHL way down, but includes a background check? This way, when you do encounter a LEO “officially” and show them the CHL, they know you most likely have a clean background?

Sounds like a decent compromise, at least to me.

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Background check = registration…not decent compromise !!

Well, we already have background checks for buying guns and you have to do a bit more to get a CHL, so kinda already compromised. While I pretty much agree with you in principle, I don’t see that happening any time soon. Who knows?