Raging Bull

I’m not voting for Trump in 2024. That doesn’t mean I don’t like and respect him. It means I think RFK Jr. would make a better president - for the world as it currently is. I’d certainly be happy if Trump won but the backlash would be unbelievable. Even if Cher decided not to leave the country. My heart feels he could win but my mind says no. In any case, ANYONE BUT A DEMOCRAT/LEFTIST/COMMUNITST.


Ditto. This election is coming down to a nation that’s $33 TRILLION in debt (printed money), an utterly dysfunctional Congress focused on who is Speaker of the House, and two de facto octogenarians facing off against each other, maybe one from prison, both claiming to better be able to shape the future of the nation (if they can just live that long).

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Just remember, If you vote for a 3rd party candidate you may as well vote for Biden. I have seen a lot of elections. Remember Ross Perot? George HW Bush was unbeatable after Desert Storm, until Perot jumped in. Handed Clinton the victory. We have to get this unpatriotic idiot out of office fellas. Let’s all vote in unison with one voice. I will be voting for whoever the Republican candidate is. I hope it is Desantis but regardless I will vote for the GOP candidate.

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