Question for CVA peeps

Just a question. ATF or any anti gun Federal peeps stops by the house. For any reason. Do we call critical response team? I live in a constitutional county in KY. County sheriffs authorized to arrest anyone attempting to take control of any of our citizens firearms. Anyone. Federal or state.


I guess odds are low it would happen. Maybe study up on the local laws. Stay legal. Find a competent experienced firearms attorney now, to ask now for pre-advice, not last minute? IDK.

I’m not aware that USCCA can help unless it’s a self defense incident.

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USCCA Critical response Team: 1-877-677-1919

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Good luck.

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Thanks. Just getting it out there. 600 000 members? USCCA needs to lean forward in the foxhole. US govt isn’t anywhere close to stopping this anti firearm crap. Something is coming. We don’t know what it is.


“ATF or any anti gun Federal peeps” is pretty broad. So, any federal law enforcement?

What does “stops by the house” mean? Are they serving a warrant, or are they asking if you would mind answering questions? Or are they asking if you would invite them inside?

The county does not get to invalidate federal laws.

I wouldn’t count on a county sheriff coming out and arresting the FBI or ATF when they are serving a warrant on you.

Regardless, any of those things are time for an attorney

And if you are overly concerned about federal law enforcement stopping by your house, that might be where you want to start…


Any particular/specific suggestions?

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Never mind. I remember now why I don’t do this social crap. I’m done. I’ll be a member. And not write anything down again.


Wasn’t there a recent video of local PD responding to a call of a suspicious person and eventually tasering a fed?

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The one I’m thinking of did not involve a warrant and was a single federal officer not in uniform, and is also definitely the exception to the rule.

And I wouldn’t count on something even if it did happen once.