PSA on a 500

Picked up a Mossberg 500 Deer and Field combo figuring with all the hype of the 500 being as modular as a ar15 I could build it over time to a good all around Hunting/Home Defense tool , Bought the 18.5 security barrel for home defense.
Picked up a Streamlight forend , Ammo saddle , Vickers Sling , XS Big Dot front sight , Ghost rear ,
Sat down watched several videos on the disassembly of the 500 and found none of the videos matched what I had
Did some internet checking and found this

Pinned forend on a 500?? | Mossberg Owners
Followed the link to this
What Size Forend Tube Do I Need? | Mossberg Owners
Don’t know why Mossberg would pull such a lame move, But seems they have been doing it for a while
Hoping someone thinking of a Mossberg will be enlightened by my folly


Hmm, I have the 500 and 590S. Havent even tried to make any adjustments or add any accessories. They both work for me. The 590S shoots 1 3/4", 2 3/4", and 3"!!!


Don’t know how many are on the market
If I had known what I know now, It would be still sitting on the shelf
The replacement parts are in route. So just a little set back.
Just hope this helps someone thinking of the same budget build down the road thinking they are getting a good foundation.
As they say Buyer Beware
Even with big companies, Can’t say this one’s reputable any more


will the 1 3/4 still need the adapter or is it good to go…without issues. really like this size for hd

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I have an old 500 and the magazine tube is threaded. I recently replaced the spring and follower.

It is threaded on the receiver end if that helps.

The 590S doesnt need an adapter it shoots all three sizes with no adapters.

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Not with the 590S

so 1st statement or 2nd …such trickery

Ill take both, Alex for 2000 rounds, please!!! :rofl::rofl::rofl:

nevermind I’ll look it up

So for a follow up
Purchased the 6 3/4 slide tube, The 7 3/4 are out of stock
xtra long castle nut and now in business
Now to the range