Mossberg 590M

Anyone have one or plan on getting one?

Please share your experiences handling one if you tested it too!

It’s a fantastic shotgun. Thick barrel keeps recoil to a minimum, and it cycles very well. I could go on and on. Let me know if you have any specific questions.

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Do you currently own it? Curious what modifications you made. If you can please post pics.

Separately have you ever attempted to manually tube feed a round with an empty magazine attached?

I don’t own it. Soldier I served with in Afghanistan owns it. He has the gold bead version, no ghost ring. Makes acquiring targets easier and faster due to the thicker walled heavier barrel vs the 500. Obviously, with the ghost ring, quicker acquisition can be bred into you with training.

No upgrades or modifications, yet. And no, I’ve never manually tube fed a round into the 590m.

Gotcha. Did it handle well? What were the positives and negatives in your opinion.

Anyone else have one or consider it? Please share your thoughts. Thanks!

It handled very well. LOP is fantastic for me. Magazine (10 & 20) engagement works great. Shells feed reliably. Action is smooth.

In fact, I can’t think of any negatives. The barrel is heavier than some shotguns, but that’s not really a negative…it’s simply heavier/thicker. I’m a realist…the perfect firearm for everyone hasn’t been invented yet.

Great thanks for the feedback!

Anyone else? Surprised no one else tested it or even owns one.