Tried an FN 509 Today

I’ve been very interested in the 509 series since the release a while back. Unfortunately they’ve been nonexistent in my area. My local range finally got one in and added it to the rental wall. I put about 150 rounds through it and man was I surprised how much I liked it.

Would love to hear from some FN owners on their experiences.


Nobody around here carries them in the rental fleet… I will put in in my list to look for though

I own an FNS 9C that I will carry and have shot the FNX and the FN 509 series handguns. My primary carry is a CZ P07, but I absolutely love FN. They are just a little tricky to buy holsters for, that is the only real downside I have had with them.

FN is a very reliable brand, and have a long history of supplying firearms to militaries and police forces across the globe. I have ran quite a lot of ammunition through mine and have not experienced any mechanical failures. The slide serrations are aggressive and so is the textured grip which I like. I also like that the magazine release is ambidextrous.

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I own a FN509 Tactical and I love it I use it to shoot Steel Challenge. It was temperamental at first it would only take JHP ammo I have put about 1000 rounds through it and this past weekend i went to the range and my buddy had some FMJ rounds and they cycled trough just fine. I like the 17 round magazines as well I have a alien gear holster that works really well for it.

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Thanks for the feedback guys. I REALLY enjoyed shooting it and now I’m torn between all three models. My wife usually gets me (excuse me…us) a gun for Christmas and it’s on my list. Really want the tactical or compact MRD so I can mount an optic if and when I decide to take that plunge.


FNX9 owner here. I like it a lot. However, I had to make some minor modifications and do some ammo testing before giving it my stamp of approval.

I don’t know if the 509 is different, but I think the top of the backstrap of the FNX9 (sits on top of hand) is poorly shaped (easily remedied) and the bottom of the magwell (different on the FNX vs the 509) is pointy and can dig into your hip at 4-5 o’clock IWB if against the skin and sitting. I also found that mine shoots noticably low with 124gr, 124gr +P, and 147gr while hitting pretty much to POA with most 115gr and 115gr +P ammo… I’ve noticed this on some other brand pistols too, at least for me.

That being said, I’m happy with it now and don’t plan on replacing it.

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