Printable targets?

Got a last minute invite to the range this afternoon but I don’t have any targets. Anyone know some good (preferably free) printable targets to take with me? Not looking for any crazy drills, just some simple/fun targets.

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Thanks! The ones at the bottom of the page on the Alien Gear site are interesting. Any insight into their purpose? Or just extra circles to shoot?

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I consider it extra circles to shoot… however they work great for accuracy practice.

@Keith61 - I have several targets in Word format that I have printed and taken to the range. I converted them to PDF in order to add them to this post, so hopefully they show up below.

They fit on standard 81/2 X 11 paper and I just tape them over anotehr target that has too many holes in it.

With the “Large” one you can paste several together to make a nice target with several options to shoot at.

The one shown below I recently found someplace which I thought was cute. When I use this one though I end up going home after one shot.

Hope this helps

Target - Large.pdf (714.1 KB)
Target - Small.pdf (415.8 KB)
Target - Suck - PDF.pdf (60.5 KB)

The cheapest and easest targets for me have been paper/styrofoam plates. With a magic marker or a spray can of paint. I can buy 300 plates for about $2.00.
I can place them in random locations and work on my skills.

Cheap, easy and can be always be on hand.



I usually print out some targets from that @Jerzy listed. However, I recently was told I can’t bring in targets as small as printer paper (probably due to people shooting the “new” cardboard holders).

Google Images search: “Insert Famous Person You Don’t Like” … don’t use this at a public range, though! Maybe for laser practice at home ;-). And obviously don’t do it if it’s the actual real person and not a printout.

My Range doesn’t allow to hang small targets. They have to be placed on bigger cardboard. It is not a problem, I’ve been using shipping boxes, have them a lot in my garage.

Pizza boxes are also great, if you don’t have targets, paper plates work fantastic :slight_smile:

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Usually you can tape a smaller target to the cardboard backer… all the ranges I go to (indoor) have tape at every stall (haha I mean lane, wow I’m tired) on a chain.