Presidential Candidate's Pledge

I agree with you it is their right, and the next step will be to post gun free zone signs. If WE don’t let them know our opinions now it will make that 2nd step that much easier to make because they have not heard input as to why it’s a bad idea in the 1st place.


Definitely! Voice your disagreement and take your money elsewhere. :slight_smile:


I agree. The firearms community MUST become more vocal. I dont mean, strap on your six shooter and head out to the mall. I mean contact the corporate headquarters of these companies. The local manager can do little except follow corporate policy. Next, take your money elsewhere. Then, contact your representatives. Politicians are like chaff blowing in the wind so you better blow some big wind their way or they will go with whatever they think will get them a vote. Just look at Biden, he always takes a stand for whatever he thinks is trending; a real man of conviction to be sure. Finally, support the NRA, or Gun Owners of America or any organization that has pro gun lobby power. We fight now or there will be no tomorrow for 2A rights.


I cannot say what Walmart will do in the future @DBrogue and I agree with @Dawn that if they wanted to prohibit all firearms they could do it all together. I will speculate that they are being very precise in taking the position they are as to offend the least amount of people. Even a large population of those who carry concealed are not fans of open carry. I also agree that we do not want to take a private person’s right away from them as to whether they will allow carrying firearms, or for that matter, any rights as long as they are not discriminatory in the way they do so. (Keep in mind that corporations and similar entities are legally considered a “person”.)
I also agree with @Dawn and @Michael7 that the community needs to voice their opinions. That is done in two main ways by telling the companies that you disagree with their policies and by taking your business elsewhere if they do what you do not like.



That right there is what I am doing and trying to encourage others to do as much of the same as they feel comfortable with given their own personnel situation.


Duke nuke’em Swalswell came out and did it first. He’s out of the running and probably finished in politics further than his own pond he’s in now.

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As @45IPAC pointed out his name is Robert Francis but he goes by Beto. Everything about him is disingenuous and complete pandering, he has no chance of being president so long as he keeps getting called out. He’s shifting and swiveling yet again and trying to make this tragedy into a Hail Mary opportunity and people are eating it up while emotionally charged. We’re in the end game and have to keep having discussions in a civil manner, and constantly contacting our representatives. It’s tiring hearing the rhetoric over and over again.

Little side story, case and point is I was having a debate over MSRs and standard capacity magazines at one point in a conversation with a friend, then a friend of theirs joined in and went full rhetoric, they were on full attack mode and not hearing a word I was saying, indicating that white males with guns are terrorists and these weapons with “high capacity” mags are a danger to the public. I pointed out to his shock I’m not a white male, and that the FL school shooter only used 10rd magazines. My friend jumped in and defended me saying I’m a stand up guy and Her friend backed off but it was still a “fingers in the ear” situation on his part.

It’s these folks that fall into Robert’s base and those are the ones who we need to have these civil discussions with, as I pointed out he didn’t believe the fact about the use of 10rd mags and then deflected and focused on other topics.

My point is try to plant a seed of fact and truth


Nope. Don’t think so dork boy

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The Democratic Presidential Candidates Pledge is only to destroy the Constitution of the USA to become a Socialist/ Communist nation and take away all of our Human Rights and control everything we say or do. Most of these candidates already took an oath as Senators and Congressmen EMPLOYEES, that’s right employees of the People (US), to uphold our Constitution but these Clowns are lying to the American People and trying to win POWER. They work for US, we don’t work for them!

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Well said! It irks me a little when people say they don’t care about the gun free zone signs and will carry whenever and however they want. We don’t need to be the “white knights” in these situations; we need to be responsible gun owners, which includes demonstrating that gun owners are law abiding citizens that are not out to disturb the public calm. The last thing we want is to give them more ammunition to say, “see - gun owners don’t respect other people’s rights.” If someone doesn’t want us carrying guns, it doesn’t mean we leave them at home, it means we go where we are welcome. Let the economics sort it out. I’m not saying it’d be easy - I’m saying believing in something requires sacrifice.


Unfortunately the number of OC and CC people is fairly inconsequential compared to the vast majority of the population. We are what, 5 - 7% of the population? The vast majority of RESPONSIBLE gun owners in America have been driven into silence, we don’t talk about them, we don’t admit we have them in general conversation. We the RESPONSIBLE gun owners, don’t get into screaming matches or for that matter attend events where it could occur. Privately we may have our own thoughts regarding these fools but hesitate to voice them.

That poor sod of a Marine in WA is a prime example, he was no more out of the box than Madonna saying she thinks long and hard about blowing up the White House. Did the MSM denounce her as a crazed wacko possessing extreme views with the capital to effect them? No they cheered her on. Now the dumb Marine is held up by the MSM as an example of ALL gun owners.

Until such time as a constructive conversation about guns and self reliance can be had in this society I fear we will forever be on the defensive in a slowly loosing battle against those that wish to control all aspects of our lives “for the good of the masses”. Healthcare for all, climate change, gun control and social welfare programs are all about one thing. CONTROL.

I could go a looooong way down the road of describing what the Democrat party of the 60-70’s did to the black/negro/colored community (I refuse to use the term African-American, it is a hyphenated crutch) and as I watch it now what they are trying to do with the “LatinX” community. It is CONTROL by “gifts”, free healthcare, welfare, education and social justice “reforms”. It’s a sucker play or more precisely a drug dealer ploy. “I get you hooked and you will follow me anywhere.”

The entire Democratic Party platform is about emotions, feelings and CONTROL.

That’s my rant for today was cooped up watching Dorian go by too long.