Preparing for the worst.

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Recognize that you – YOU – are the future of our nation. Lots of the folks on this site are old farts, myself included, who created the mess you have to deal with and are either unable or unwilling to change that trajectory. It’s up to you to take the cards that have been dealt to you and make a better world for your daughter.

My suggestions:

  1. Don’t give in or live in fear. Often, a deep breath is all that’s needed.
  2. Buy a safe for your firearms.
  3. Be engaged in politics. Just because you’re not interested in politics does not mean it’s not interested in you. Unfortunately, the scum that get elected will drive many of the aspects of your family’s life – school, taxes, inflation, basic rights. You and your generation should be in charge of that, not some elderly men in Montgomery. The best prepping you can do is to engage in politics to prevent government from harming your family.

I agree

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I definitely don’t live in fear but I do think about situations. My daughter only knows about having fun right now and that’s how it’s gonna be as long as I can keep it that way. I do talk amongst my friends and wife about what bothers me but I know when to keep things to myself. I definitely feel like it’s my duty to do whatever it takes to make sure I keep seeing a smile on my little girls face. She deserves everything that I wasn’t fortunate enough to have growing up and I plan on giving her the best life possible. I always remind myself that myself and my wife brought her into this world she didn’t have a choice so I want her to have the best opportunities possible.


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Got some water filters next I plan on buying those “big jugs” :face_with_monocle: that you can store water in

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I’ve got a nice roof on my house and a brand new scope on my rifle so I might just stay at home


Oh lord here we go…

I’m REALLY sorry to point out the obvious My Brother but you are one of us
now. (For better or worse). You post from the heart, want to protect your family.
Concerned about the future, Want to ‘do it right.’… You’re IN Brother.

WELCOME Landon, Glad you are here.


I agree and have calmed down a lot on mentioning the war and survival stuff around my wife and family I just want my little girl to have fun and enjoy her life


I don’t lean any certain direction when it comes to politics but with that being said I do keep up with it and I do understand that it can alter the future of our country as far as a safe is concerned I do have one but my rifles stay hung on the walls of my recording studio room but none of my firearms are anywhere near where my daughter could get a hold of them. I don’t let things stress me out, at first I did but I realize we do have to enjoy the time we have


Thank you so much it really means a lot having a family of good willed people to talk to when no one else wants to hear it. I’m glad to be part of the team.


Welcome to the life of balancing family needs with family security:)

Just make sure to not underestimate the curiosity and abilty of kids to get into things especially as they get older. My 8 year old son has proven to be very reliable about leaving my firearm related materials alone. But he has also shown the ability to figure out how to get into things that were supposedly child proof since he was 3 years old. And though he has been trained and acts safely when firearms are present I still don’t completely trust him to do the right thing all the time, especially when there are other kids I don’t know so well around to potentially entice him into improper actions.

Safes also have the advantage of keeping smash and grab thieves from easily making off with your firearms if they manage to break into your home. So all my firearms and ammo will be remaining in safes even as my son gets older and continues to prove he can be counted on to be responsible around them.


Once she gets a little bigger I might not have any other choice but to lock them up. But I do keep safety in mind over everything else, if I had to question myself on wether she could get to them or not then I know they need to be stored somewhere else. She can’t open doors yet but it want be long. thank you for the advice


I think the thing to do is remember that things are actually pretty okay. The statistical likelihood that any of us is ever going to need to use our CCWs, or defend our homes, or bug out (except in specific locations with predictable patterns of weather hazards, eg, hurricane, fire, tornado, earthquake prone areas) is actually really low.

The news is great, but take it in small doses as the main driver of news is tragedy, and negative stories. They generate flow at websites, the result in upticks in circulation etc. The old press adage, “if it bleeds, it leads,” is cliche, but no less true for being so. Alabama is ranked 15th for crime, so your risk from crime may be elevated compared to, say, a lot of New England, but your state isn’t in the top ten at least.

I’m no expert, but I’d prep to survive the kinds of natural disturbances that happen in Alabama. To prep against crime on your property, and against things like home invasions, look at the design of your house, and develop a plan, and try to figure out where your home/property’s points of vulnerability are. Invest in something like simply safe. While you are prepping for the statistically unlikely (home invasion, SHTF stuff) make sure you are prepping against much more likely risks too. Don’t get too lopsided amigo. We are all self defense oriented people on this forum I would guess, so we all get into the weeds about shoot outs, home invasions, etc and probably fall victim to the 'availability heuristic," also called the “availability bias.”
This is a cognitive error we almost all make at sometime or another. Specifically we think things are common if we can recall examples of them easily. This would have been an excellent way to make quick decisions during most of our evolutionary history, as what we could recall easily would involve things with which we had close and regular experience. In a world of 24/7 news cycles, it gets us into trouble.
To whit, do you have a fire extinguisher? Basic first aid kit? Probably have enough food on hand to survive the typical power outages you experience in your neck of the woods. In Alabama, if you don’t have a generator, that food should probably be canned or otherwise not require refrigeration.
Again, I would advise you to really dig into risk statistics generally, but also into the specific risks that face people in your area.

I would heartily recommend Grant Cunningham’s book, “Protecting Your Homestead.” In fact a lot of his Self-defense library is excellent.
Also, the USCCA library is stellar too.
That all feels pretty scattered but I hope some of it was helpful.


Yes this does help a lot and I do need a fire extinguisher. I’ll definitely check out that guys books and yes the news can be exhausting so I try to limit myself. Appreciate you taking the time to reply didn’t realize Alabama was ranked that high but where I’m located isn’t much crime going on, at least as far as I know in my little area. Safeway would be a good investment as well.


I bought a dozen of these things when they first hit the market and put them in our bug out bags. 3 in each bag. Now there are lots of other options than just the straw.

For bulk water usage like when you are at your safe bug out location, get a couple 5 gallon buckets and make a water filtration set-up. Rocks, sand, charcoal and grass. Lots of places on the internet to get plans for these. You can make them as complex or simple as you want.

Bug out bags: 1 for each family member, including the bairn. In hers, you need a second change of clothing, a couple simple toys, dry food for three days and a few bottles of water. Keep it light for her. Also keep in mind, if needed, you or Mom will be carrying her, and the other will be carrying her pack.


Learn how to build a fire from scratch. Learn how to build simple animal traps. Learn how to build simple shelters.

Get a few high quality knives and camp axes. A Mattock and/or a Polaski would be nice.

If you have cats, start buying you cat litter in the big buckets. Clean the dust out of the buckets and store dry goods in them. Dry beans, dry rice (parboiled only), sugar, tea or coffee, ramen freaking noodle packs. Mac n cheese boxes.

Prepping for the worst came seem to be an exercise in futility to many folks, but when S*** does hit the fan, they are the ones who will be scavenging around trying to find supplies.


If you have stockpiled your ammo and have trained well enough, you can defend your family and stores for a long time.

Good luck.


My wife was the same way, got tired of me talking about and buying stuff, but over the past couple of years, she finally has come to see that it might be necessary. I have Trauma kits, water filters, fire starters, and big knives etc. I also have acquired over a years worth of long term survival food, but had to stop, because I don’t have room for anymore.


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I feel your pain, Brother.


I find a lot of my hand tools at Flea Markets and Garage Sales for 1/10th of the price and better quality (no made in china back then).
It is easy to replace a handle and sharpen the blades. :slightly_smiling_face:


Introduce your daughter to