Preachers who carry

Oh no, not a Beretta. Just a cheapo Jimenez.
Just bought it for the novelty and curiosity.
Not knocking the gun, but it’s not something I could seriously carry. I might shoot off part of a finger lol.


I would suggest you know everyone who is carrying so you can plan your reactions better. You can’t be looking around to find your backup and if you are all seated on the same pew is not good either. Be SAFE!


Not a problem. I know where most of them are sitting and my responsibilities have me wandering all over the church. And, of course, the doors are locked after the service starts so the person doing security can either let latecomers in or keep them out (if they appear to be up to no good).


Just make it’s not your own finger. A friend of mine did just that. Tiny guns are easy to accidentally put a finger in front of the barrel.


Right @Gary263. Good trigger discipline and extensive practice is necessary with any handgun, but especially pocket guns.
By the way, I never pocket carry anyway. Don’t throw things at me pocket guys, but I prefer larger, even full size, carry weapons.
Lately a 5" barrel Sig.


Part of carrying at Church depends on how formal of dress. … my in-law’s church is shirt and tie but no jacket which makes it challenging. My church is casual enough I can go with my shirt untucked…

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